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HSK Test Comes to Successful Conclusion at Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College

The HSK is a globally recognized Chinese proficiency exam. Students who take the exam put their Chinese language knowledge to the ultimate test. After preparing for months and many times years, they take the HSK to see what level of Chinese language they have achieved. Those students who pass the exam are given a certificate so that their skill in the Chinese language may be recognized and they may receive a chance to study in China. Passing the exam looks great on a resume and in many cases attracts employers from all around the world.

On October 20, 2012, HSK tests were held at Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College (PCCI). The HSK test has six levels with the first level testing beginners and the sixth level being the most difficult. The examinees, 32 altogether, ranging from HSK 1 to HSK 5, came from different universities and colleges in South Carolina. Some examinees had to drive three hours in order to attend the exam.

Apart from teaching Chinese, the institute attaches great importance to the promotion of HSK in schools and communities. The concept of ‘Facilitating learning and teaching by taking exams’ is always stressed at PCCI. By doing so, teaching and learning is enhanced in combination and global Chinese language teaching’s importance will become a point of great emphasis.

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