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My new observation

Well, I always feel a strong passion of conveying my thoughts about China; I consider this practice one of the outcomes I can produce out of my stay in China;


I would love to share with you my observations about China after spending almost 8 months in Shenzhen. The observations may look disdainful, but they are not, at least, they are absolutely not meant to be. Anytime we bravely open a room for arguing and discussing socially sensitive matters, we would be bringing the evolution process one step beyond; and I chose to have my own share in this process.

In China:

  1. Employees eat in shops, whether clothing shop, or a pharmacy, or a teashop, or electronics shop… and the foods’ strong smell spreads around; even the products they are selling could get the food smell.
  2. When a customer walks in a shop and wants to inquire about something, they wouldn’t take a break from eating to serve the customer, they would simply answer him back while holding their famous bowls and chopsticks and eating.
  3. They make mouth sounds when they eat or chew.
  4. If someone enters a shop and inquires about some item in English, they would simply start laughing together, because chances are, they didn’t understand a word he said…and I believe, in China, there is no excuse, no more justification for the fact that most people don’t speak or understand the basic English…this would tell us much about the people and the mentality here. In my personal opinion, many Chinese people are simply not willing to make any additional effort to improve their life standards, and are not willing to invest in their own personal growth and development, out of No Reason, just out of carelessness or perhaps lack of awareness, and I think this is something that has to do with the social exposure. I would love to talk more about this idea, but for now, I would just say that when a society is exposed without constraints to the global world and the world streams and cultures, the quality of life inside this society will highly improve and people belonging to this society will find millions of reasons and motives to optimize their potential and develop their own identity and leave their own marks in the world. Unfortunately, and may be for good reasons, the exposure factor is very limited in China.
  5. Sometimes, one may think that salespeople in shops are reluctant about selling the shop’s items. For example, I always face this situation in clothing shops where I pick up an outfit to try it on. The salesperson would not have any problem, for example, to tell me: “NO, this wouldn’t suit you”, or “NO, this is not your size”!! Only to know after trying it on, that the piece suits me well, and it perfectly fits my size. They get surprised and wowed!! And here where they start convincing me to buy the item!! :)) This happens very often.
  6.  Most of the time, if you ask employees about some item and they didn’t understand what you are seeking, they wouldn’t make any single effort to understand, they would immediately say “No, we don’t have what you are asking for” and you find out after some search that yes they do have.
  7. In some places, you ask about the price of a certain product, they would say a number, after bargaining, you end up purchasing the item for 80% less, and they wouldn’t care that you knew how high they have overpriced the item at the beginning, they wouldn’t give a damn about what the customer thinks of their credibility.
  8.  You may need sometimes to use a laptop in an Internet cafe; you would find the keyboard “oily” and some food inside the caps, like rice, since they have been eating and typing on the keyboard at the same time.
  9. In most places, there is no way to enter a restroom, even in big malls. Apart from the lack of attention to the cleanliness, there are no napkins and tissues.
  10. People have the habit to spit on streets; taxi drivers open their windows and spit all the time during the ride.
  11. They have the habit to throw trash on streets.
  12. When one is having a situation, like slipping off a street, people around, instead of helping out or just moving on, they would start looking and laughing at the person, careless about how more embarrassed he/she may become with such an attitude.

This is not to say that life in China is miserable, and certainly not to say that the Chinese people are not friendly and lovely; it’s the opposite way; a non-Chinese could decide to enjoy all these differences, and act freely in a society that doesn’t have high judgment standards. I have a lot to talk about regarding the number of advantages of living in China, soon in my next blog.

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