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How PCH International CEO became tech's "Mr. China"

Liam Casey - CEO of PCH International


Liam Casey is CEO of PCH International which has become one of Silicon Valley's go-to companies when manufacturing tech products in China. An Irish born entrepreneur, he is dubbed "Mr. China" by Silicon Valley insiders.

The multimillion-euro manufacturing company is located in Shenzhen, with corporate headquarters in Cork, Ireland.  The company designs, builds and ships consumer electronics devices and accessories for tech companies, including apple. 

Liam Casey's path to success started out in a small town in Ireland, where he spent his first ten years of his working career working in the garment industry. Then he moved to Southern California and worked for a trading company that dealt with computer components. 

While working in the US, Casey noticed that many of the major US tech companies were moving their European headquarters to Ireland. After returning home, Casey started PCH International in 1996. He saw a great opportunity to bring products into Europe, and huge competitor advantage for the trading companies operating there, if i simplifed it, make it transparent, there would be a market for it, an opportunity for it.


From that start, Casey competes with Foxconn and other large Chinese manufacturers to assemble tech products for sell across the globe. "The majority of our client base comes out of Silicon Valley, that's where our business started supplying, Silicon Valley based companies," said Casey.

Casey's next step is to expand the facilities in Shenzhen, going from 1,300 up to 3,000 people, more than doubling the workforce in the next 6 weeks. His goal is to challenge Chinese manufaturing giants like Foxconn, which now has over a million workers.


Watch Liam Casey's interview or the PCH Corporate Video below:



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