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Air Travelers Advised to Arrive 2 hours before Departure

Shenzhen Daily, Lihao reported that "PASSENGERS have been advised to arrive at the city’s airport two hours before their departure time to avoid missing their planes in the run-up to the Spring Festival holiday.

The airport implemented a new rule from Jan. 1 to stop flight check-in 40 minutes before departure time. However, an increasing number of people have missed their planes due to ignorance of the new rule, according to Daily Sunshine.

China Southern Airlines said among its 740 flights that left Shenzhen between Jan. 1 and 10, an average of four people missed each flight.

It is also extremely difficult for those who miss their plane to get another flight. Air tickets to leave the city before the holidays have basically sold out, according to the air company.

More Advises to Air Travelers.

Source: Shenzhen Daily.

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