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Car Rental Robust before Festival in Shenzhen

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"All train and air tickets to my hometown had been sold out. " Said Liu, a Shenzhen resident. Shenzhen has seen a robust car rental market ahead of the Spring Festival. 

“We now only rent cars to people who want to use the vehicles for more than 10 days,” said an employee of Shenzhen Dingsheng Car Rental Company. The employee said a Guangzhou-made Honda normally costs less than 500 yuan (US$79) per day. However, the price has jumped to 600 yuan a day.

“Some car rental companies have doubled their prices,” said the staff member.

It is common practice in the car rental industry to set a mileage limit on rented cars. However, some local car rental companies have canceled the limit to attract more customers.


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Source: Shenzhen Daily.

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