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Shenzhen Expats Gather at "Friendship Night"


Article by Martin Li, Published on Shenzhen Daily.

SHENZHEN is unique in its devotion and dedication to globalization and striving for excellence in technology and applied research, said Fabrizia Ghezzo, an Italian scientist, in a speech Thursday.

Ghezzo delivered the speech on behalf of around 200 expats from 30 countries who attended “Friendship Night” at the Shenzhen Expats Chinese New Year Banquet at Futian Shangri-La Shenzhen.

The banquet was organized by Shenzhen Daily and hosted by the Information Office of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, Shenzhen Press Group and Shenzhen Administration of Foreign Experts’ Affairs.

“There are several other aspects that make the city unique — the speed of its growth, the spirit and enthusiasm for innovation, cultural initiatives and the incredible kindness of its people,” said 

Ghezzo said Shenzhen would become a truly international city because of the speed of its development and the diversity of its population.

Deputy secretary general of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, Huang Guoqiang, said: “Shenzhen’s achievements in different fields would not have been possible without the help and support of expats. The city government will continue its cooperation with foreign friends to create an international atmosphere in Shenzhen, making the city a more appealing place for expats to work and live.”

With the theme of “stepping up communication between East and West” and “promoting traditional Chinese culture,” the banquet served as a feast for expats’ mouths and eyes.

Traditional Chinese music, dance, magic shows and Beijing opera received repeated applause from the foreign guests, among whom were experts, entrepreneurs, hotel managers, businesspeople and educators.

Children from Bao’an District performed three examples of Beijing opera at the banquet, wowing spectators with their skills.

The banquet is an important measure by the city government to pursue internationalization and build a platform of friendly communication with expats.

“To become an international city, Shenzhen still has a long way to go. The banquet is a platform to meet and exchange. I believe all expats can become friends no matter where you are from,” said Dong Haitao, editor-in-chief of Shenzhen Daily.

Dubbed “China’s New York,” Shenzhen has seen an increasing number of foreigners living and opening businesses here. There are close to 500,000 expats living in the city.


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