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Shenzhen, as One of Global Financial Centers, Ranks 27th in Latest GFCI Report


The Global Financial Centers Index 14 (GFCI 14) has been released in London recently. Shenzhen claims 11 places and ranks 27th in the list. Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are  only three China mainland cities among all 80 centers around the world. Hong Kong remains its top place and ranks 3rd after London and New York. 


The reports shows that there is a mixed picture from Asia at the moments. Tokyo, Sydney, Shanghai and Shenzhen all climb in the ratings but other centers including Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and Beijing all lose points. Hong Kong loses 2 points compared with GFCI 13 and Beijing continues its decline steadily since GFCI 10. However, according to the respondents asked by the GFCI questionnaire for all centers, all three mainland cities and Hong Kong are on the list of “The Ten Centers likely to become more significant” with Shanghai ranking 2nd, Hong Kong 4th, Beijing 8th and Shenzhen 9th. 


Shenzhen is always compared with Hong Kong in development since they are so closed in geography. And it indeed keeps playing an more and more important role in world economic, but a large gap between the two exists apparently. Hong Kong, as a mature financial center, is still well regarded by respondents.


About GFCI

The Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) provides profiles, ratings andrankings for 80 financial centres, drawing on two separate sources of data – instrumental factors (third party measures and indices) and responses to an online questionnaire. The GFCI was first published by Z/Yen Group in March 2007 and has subsequently been updated every six months. 


View the full report: GFCI 14

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