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Shenzhen Bar Desecrates Memory of World Trade Center Victims by Throwing 9/11 Party

9/11 Party

We have seen a lot of party concepts posted on our site in the 12 years it has been running, but the most offensive party concept seems to go to the Angel Baby Bar which held a 9/11 themed party on Wednesday. While Americans’ hearts still ache, a bar in Shenzhen was making fun of the anniversary of 9/11 attack that brought down the World Trade Center, killed 2,977 people and launched more than a decade of war.


The bar hired foreigners to dress up like Americans and Arabians. According to the photos, they, who were wearing uniform and holding guns, seemed to act out a Middle East terrorist conflict. One of the photos, an Arabian was using a gun to threaten an American who was posting a gesture of submission. While the photos present a scene of revelry, a question mark is raised up among readers - How do people in Shenzhen, China understand 9/11 and the Middle East conflict? 


9/11 attack and the Middle East conflict have led to countless deaths and homelessness. The reasons behind these are complicated, which involves religions, histories, polities and others which are formed in the development of societies. Staying out of right or wrong, any conflict or war that has caused innocent people’s deaths should not be made fun of. We need to show our fundamental respect for these souls and those broken hearts who still memory and cry for them. Chinese people, who also suffered from wars in modern history, should have known the feelings of the families of departed that they don’t want to see a party like this. The bar, without doubt, chose a wrong theme to get attention.




Photos from Angle Baby Bar Wechat

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