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Nearly every country in the world needs a visa before entering China. There are many different types of visas that depending on your circumstances you can apply for some more painstakingly difficult than the others.

Every visa has a designated letter to easily identify as to what purpose you have for entering China. Probably one of the most common visas is the tourist visa, or the "L" visa, it is issued for tourists and is valid for up to three months on the single-entry version. It is valid for sightseeing, visiting relatives, or any personal affairs but work is totally prohibited. The “X” visa, also knows as an education visa, is issued to persons whom want to study in China. This visa can also be issued to those looking for or those already enrolled in internship programs that should not exceed 6 six months. The “Z” visa is for those who are going to work in the country or for a family member of a foreigner working in China. The “J” visa is a journalist visa issued to foreign journalists reporting in China or those who visit China to cover a specific story. The “D” visa is issued to aliens who seek permanent residency in the country, especially foreigners who marry Chinese nationals. The “G” visa is issued to those who are transiting through China.

There are a few places in which you can apply for visas in Hong Kong and receive tourist or business visas that usually take 1 to 3 days to do. Although usually you cannot get long term business or tourist visas you can get 6 months sometimes, this all depends on the immigration rules at the time of applying. Foreigner Home Service Visa Department and ATOZ BUSINESS CONSULTANTS LIMITED are also good agencies to try.

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