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Sometimes it is not easy being vegetarian in China. The low education of many wait staff and cooks at normal Chinese restaurants leads to accidentally eating many things vegetarians should not. That is why we have made a directory of restaurants that we know only serve vegetarian food. Many of these restaurants are vegan and do not serve food with garlic, onions or eggs. Even if you like meat we highly recommend these restaurants as in general the environments are well done and the food is fresh, healthy and excellent. A must try is the Summer Tea House in Luohu and if you have guests in town take them to the Hong Fa Temple in Fairy Lake Botanical Garden and eat at the restaurant there.

Windlucky Vegetarian Restaurant-Xiangmihu honten

Phone: +86 (755) 8289 4181

Windlucky Vegetarian Restaurant-DongMen branch

Phone: +86 (755) 8238 3253

Natural Delicious & Healthy (Buddhist vegetarian restaurants)

Natural Delicious & Healthy
Phone: +86 755 2558 5035

Namaste Vegetarian Cuisine

Vegetarian Indian Set Meal
Phone: +86 131-6377-0022

T Guan / T Commune

T Commune Shenzhen
Phone: +86 (755) 8294 3111