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Restaurant Review Guidelines

People dine out for something unique they cannot replicate at home, or.. they are simply too busy to cook! Either way, our job here is to help save their time and help them find out if they'd like it or not!

Okay, so.. we would want to be thorough in this! Here is how you do it:


Lighting, tabletop, music, walls & ceilings, flooring, plants & flowers, artwork, outdoor seating if available.. Customer demographics: age, gender..

How does it make you feel to be there?


Does it have both Chinese and English? Do you have many things to choose from? How about their drink menu? How's their wine list? Do they charge for napkins and water?

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Dirty or Clean? Old or Modern? How's their bathroom? Are their toilets western or Chinese style?

Restaurant Features

How's their flavor and cooking method? Fusion, Italian, Asian..? Is the food oily? Do the ingredients taste fresh..?

Food Presentation & Portion

Plating, temperature, speed..? Is the portion too small?

Attentiveness & Services

Do they top up your glass without you asking? Do they give you the help requested right away? How often do they tend to you? Are there enough staff? Do they speak English? How long before your changes come back? Do you feel rushed to get out?

General Comparison

How does it compare to other restaurants that are similar (cuisine/pricing/taste..)?


Groups/Family friendly? Good for birthdays/weddings..and so? Would you bring your friends/dates here? Do they have private rooms? Non-smoking area?


History of restaurant, owner, or chef?

Examples of Good Reviews

Siu Chitang Sichuan Restaurant Review

Village Bar & Grill Review by Jenny Tung

Frankie’s Review by Jenny Tung

The following items are required when reviewing/featuring a restaurant:

  1. Address in English (pinyin)
  2. Address in Chinese
  3. Phone Number
  4. Latitude and Longitude Map Coordinates
  5. Photo of the front of the restaurant
  6. Photo of the interior of the restaurant
  7. Email address for the restaurant
  8. Website or social media links for the restaurant
  9. Photos of the dishes & drinks
  10. Average spend per person
  11. Waiting time for a table

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