Guide to Shenzhen

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Here you will find useful articles on various topics regarding Shenzhen and its districts, what Shenzhen has to offer, and what you can expect from the people of Shenzhen, China. Enjoy!

What's Up?
International Cultures Fair: How It All Began
ICIF: What's in It for You
Step by Step Exhibitor's Guide for ICIF 2011
The ICIF 2011 –A Brief Guide to Overseas Buyers, Visitors and Exhibitors
China International Cultural Industries Fair – Changes and Innovations
Guide to The ICIF 2011 Exhibition Period
Quick Guide to Booth Fee Price List ICIF 2011
The ICIF – Premier in Cultural Growth and Development
The Cultural Industries of ICIF 2011 Hall I – Showcasing the Culmination of Cultural Heritage and Innovations
ICIF 2011 Hall 2 – House of China’s Cultural Creative Solutions
Learn About China’s New Lifestyle and Shop for New Media at ICIF 2011 Hall 3
ICIF 2011 – Sharing Grounds with the World thru Cultural Heritage at the Hall 4
ICIF 2011 Hall 6 – Creative Designs Gallery Housing More Than Just Creative Solutions
ICIF 2011 Hall 7 - The Press and Publication Hall
ICIF HALL 8 Holding Treasure of Colors, Hues and Brushes
The ICIF Hall 9, Showcasing Creativity Above and Beyond the Changing Times
ICIF Impact to China's Economy also Promotes Global Progress
Services for Moving Out: Procedures to Follow After the Closing Ceremonies
Necessary Moving Out Procedure
Driving Routes for Vehicles Exiting Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
ICIF Impact to China's Economy also Promotes Global Progress
China International Boat Show (CIBS 2011) Part I
China International Boat Show (CIBS 2011) Part II
Choice of the Best Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Themes
Witness the Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair
Scope and Features of Shenzhen's International Brand Underwear Fair
Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Fair Highlights

Festivals & Holidays

Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival in Shenzhen with Rice Dumplings
Legend and Origin of Dragon Boat FestivalCelebrate Cinco de Mayo in Shenzhen
Interesting Facts about Cinco de Mayo Celebration
What You Need to Know about Cinco de Mayo History
Cinco de Mayo in China : A Unique Fusion Of Cultures
Celebrating Children’s Day in China the Shenzhen Way
Celebrating Children’s Day in China with Music and Magical Shows

Banking & Business
Shenzhen Banking – Defying Domestic and International Standards
Banking in Shenzhen – Financial Security Wherever You Are

The Homestead
China Business Etiquettes: Respecting the Culture of Trade
Tips on Choosing a Nanny for your Children
Looking Back at China Traditional Wedding
Tips in Dating a Chinese Woman: How to Win a Chinese Woman’s Heart
One Child Policy Incentives: Support for the Family
Always Abide to the Road Signs in China
Healthy Tips in China: Wellness and Protection from Any of Disease
Improving Response to Travel Emergencies in Shenzhen
Know the Basics When Dealing with Bad Taxi Service
Shenzhen China Business Hours: Where You Must Be and When
Getting a Driver's License in China as an Expat
Business Etiquettes in China: Engaging in Successful Business Ventures
Origin of Chinese Zodiac Signs and the Twelve Animal Signs
The 12 Animal Signs of the Chinese Zodiac
Get Acquainted with China Insurance Policies and Companies
Shenzhen Dental Service: Slowly Rising Up

Parks, Recreation, and Sports
Parks and Gardens in Shenzhen: Outdoor Fun at Its Best

Tourist Attractions
Tourist Attractions in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District
Tourist Attractions in Shenzhen’s Futian District
Historic Shenzhen Buildings And Landmarks
Superb and Splendid Tourist Attractions in Bao’an District
Breathtaking Mountains in Shenzhen
Shenzhen Wellness Spa: Live a Healthy Life in Shenzhen
Dapeng Ancient City of China

Exploring the Nightlife in Shenzhen

Travel and Transportation
Quality Service Taxis In Shenzhen Will Safely Take You Anywhere You Want

Food and Dining
Curing A Hangover thru Shenzhen’s Chain of Coffee Shops
Culinary Use of Red Dates in China: Effected by History

Jewelry Shops in Shenzhen: A Combination of Cheap Finds and High-end Accessories

Teach & Learn Chinese
Top Jobs In Shenzhen: Teach English in China’s First Economic Zone!
Learn Chinese Online - Improve Your Linguistic Capacity Wherever You Are
Shenzhen Automated Library: Making Library Visits Easier and More Convenient
Higher Education in China - A Mere Privilege?
China Educational System – Ensuring a Brighter Future through Quality Education

Places of Worship
Religious landmarks: Buddhist temples in Shenzhen

Art & Culture
Enjoy Film Viewing on the Next Level at Shenzhen Cinemas
Shenzhen Theatres: Experiencing Chinese Art with All Your Senses
Shenzhen's Art Institutes

Visa Information
China Visa Facts – No Visa, No Entry
Pets Importing/Moving to China Part I
Pets Importing/Moving to China Part II

Police and Government Assistance
Louhu District Police – Keeping You Safe while You Shop, Save and Enjoy
Shenzhen’s Districts Government Hotlines: Making Public Service as Easy as 12345
Smoking Regulations in China - In Conformity to the New World Order

Witness the Universiade in Shenzhen 2011
Compulsory Sports for 2011 Shenzhen Universiade
The Growing Cultural Industry of Shenzhen
A Closer Look at the Yantian Port Free Trade Zone
Shenzhen Mass Media Part I(Internet/Web)
Top China Networking Sites Keep the People Connected

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I'd like to move to China

I'd like to move to China with my family. Our economy is crossing by an awful period, so better moving and finding new opportunities and challenges abroad. China and the whole Asia-Pacific Regions seems quite interesting to me.

It would be wonderful finding a job there, perhaps in an international company connected with their european partners.

So that, I'd would be pleased to hear from european people that are living this experience earlier than myself as prior to my further movement I have to get in touch with the reality.

Thanks 4 your welcome comments at this respect.

Merry X'tmas to all of you from Barcelona

Humbert Mas



  Hi everyone, I'm new to


Hi everyone, I'm new to Shenzhen Party, I have a shop in Melbourne Australia and I like to find good quality babies and kids clothing, shoes etc. Should I go straight to Guangzhou or look in Shenzhen first.

Any suggestions on where to find western brands? No Fakes please.

Kind regards



Maybe this is a shot in the

Maybe this is a shot in the dark. I am writing to ask if you can help me find a company in Shenzehn that I once had contact with some time ago. Maybe it is your company!?
I am new to
I am an artist and I specialize in painting cows and bulls, I am of Irish parents born in England and I live in Germany as an artist since 1987.
I am looking for to expand with my art and maybe into house decoration. I know Shenzehn is very large but I am eager to find a company which is run by a woman and is a famous brand in wallpaper and house decoration. She once showed interest in my ideas.
I believe the company was founded about 20 years ago by her husband who died suffering from the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It is now run by this lady.
I unfortunately do not have any more information but you may have an idea who I am looking for?! She would be about 40 years old now.
If not then I will be happy to get any response regarding finding possibilities for me in Shenzehn as an artist painter fluent in english and german, I am also a musician, I played for 3 years around europe, I play guitar and sing songs from the 70's up to the modern folk popular songs,
Look forward to connecting with Shenzehnites :-)

Best Regards
Pete Kilkenny

Welcome to Shenzhen! Hope you

Welcome to Shenzhen! Hope you can find your way in such a young city

Personal Asistance/Personal

Personal Asistance/Personal Translator in Shenzhen(Finding cheap apartment,shopping ,Barginning, Food,Transportation, Travel, Etc. in every corner of Shenzhen , coordinate different things to help you to live in Shenzhen)

I am Tim, A local Chinese, And I am very familar With Shenzhen.I know the best places for cheaper apartments,and cheaper places to go shoping and to eat and so on. and also i am good at bargining with the local people on renting apartments. I can speak very fluent English.

I am Free on weekends, and after 6:pm on weekdays.
I'd be willing to help foreigners out while living in China.

For apartment renting asistance,50-150RMB is Availible for me.
Personal Translator/Asistance 150RMB/Day.
For Other help,It depends.

I am Outgoing and kind hearted,and I like to make friends.Should you need any help,
Feel Free to Contact me though email at:
or my phone number at 13246727615
Best Regards to you in China

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hi i am new to SZPARTY. i can


i am new to SZPARTY. i can write english,but cannot speak eglish fluently, so  i join szparty  and find a job about enlish or look a friend .  urgent want change myself  from silence to sunboy!!!   

grouping that are living this

grouping that are living this participate early than myself as preceding to my further motion I love to get in jot with the realism ask medical questions

hello,  i am a girl frin

hello,  i am a girl frin guilin yangshuo, looking for a job here in shenzhen.

if any foreinger want to know about yangshuo we can have a chat.

and i want to make some friends here in shenzhen, it is a little boring now, because i have no job now.

and i can teach u mandarin or cantones for free.

just make some friends.

guilin is a beautiful city.


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In collaboration with Mirik

In collaboration with Mirik Milan, the Night Mayor of Amsterdam, the opening party at AIR has been organized. Many artists will start the Amsterdam Fashion Week, including fashion for mens

I want to open the desert

I want to open the desert store, I would like pay 500-1000rmb learn how about cook cookie,cup cake and some of desert,If anyone have ability teach,I want to meet them.Thanks!

I want to open the desert

I want to open the desert store, I would like pay 500-1000rmb learn how about cook cookie,cup cake and some of desert,If anyone have ability teach,I want to meet them.Thanks!

Bored of failing once again

Bored of failing once again in the China/Shenzhen Driving License Exam?

Hesitating on paying thousands RMB to the Chinese Agent and/or Driving License "Training School"? you just need to spend 1 to 2 hours per day during 2 weeks reading this bank with 500 RMB!

I passed my exam and got my China/Shenzhen driving licnese in May with this question bank.

Effective 1st January 2013, Chinese government reviewed/added 90% content of the exam. What's worse is, they don't publish the English version new exam question bank anymore......

The Chinese version new exam question bank are available however the translation by Google Translate really sucks! This English version is translated from Chinese version manually and I confirm it works very well! 

Chinese government official annoucement of the new rule(of course only in Chinese)

See what the other foreigners are complaining about:

This question bank book contains about 900 questions and you need to complete 100 questions during the exam. To pass the exam you will need to answer at least 90 questions correctly during 45 minutes.

Contact me to buy this book! Please email me to contact, thank you!

If you are nearby Shekou, we can meet at Peninsula to deal.

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