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WooAsk APP- Social platform of foreigners in China 外国人在中国的交友软件

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咨寻: 外国人在中国的社交平台,在中国无语言障碍交友和生活

WooAsk APP: Social platform of foreigners in China , Real-time conversation translation , Live in china or make friends without language barriers 



WooAsk is an APP which focus on foreigners of China , foreigners can make friends with Chinese  or communicate with any Chinese without language barriers when they travel or live in China. Meanwhile , WooAsk APP also will provide many kinds of services to foreigners of China for free of charge through volunteer , Let foreigners live or travel in china more easier and more convenient 



Real-time conversation translation , no more language barrier in China 


➤Real-time conversation translation , no more language barrier in China

If you can not speak Chinese when you take a taxi, shopping, ask a way, order dishes …… how to do ?  WooAsk APP provide dozens of languages real time voice translate ,you can talk with Chinese using your own language, no more language barrier in China.


Volunteer translation services , Let your life in china more convenient 


➤Volunteer translation services , Let your life in china more convenient

Many  translation volunteers already joined wooask platform ,if you have any problem in china(such as : move house, order take out, shopping online, real people online translation…) , call us at phone number : 4008955518 ,we will give you good services anytime



Make Chinese or Global friends without languages barriers 


➤Make Chinese or Global friends without languages barriers

They are Millions Chinese and foreigners on WooAsk App, you can easy  to find them and chat ,learn language ,make friends, do business….You only need to share your moments or information using your mother language, the WooAsk system will automatically translate 10 languages such as Chinese, English, Spain ,French, Germany, Russia, Arabic ,Japanese, Korean ,Thai languages ,Let Global users understand the information which you write and share.



Chat with real-time translation 


➤Chat with real-time translation

You can chat with your friends on WooAsk APP without language barriers. The wooask system will automatically translate more than 29 languages on real-time.  Whatever where you are, you can chat with your global friends without language barriers anytime , anywhere.


Using your mother language share your moments ,the system will automatically translate into 10 languages, not only Chinese can understand your information ,but also global people will know it.

◉ Download WooAsk APP

➢ Search “ wooask “ in Google play or App store to download
➢ Or click this link to download


Foreigners service hot line: 4008955518

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