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Ocean Park Hong Kong

Amazing Asian Animals 亞洲動物天地 

Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures

You may know Sun Wukong the Monkey King from the legendary masterpiece of Chinese literature Journey to the West – now meet his golden monkey cousins! Ocean Park is proud to introduce two of these extraordinary stars from Sichuan, female young monkeys Le Le and Hu Hu, the new permanent neighbours of the Park's treasured giant pandas An An and Jia Jia. With their cute blue faces and orange fur, how can you resist these precious endangered monkeys? See their new face at Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures, renovated from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat, and don't miss their daily feeding demonstrations! 





Aqua City 夢幻水都

Adventures in Australia

At the Park's vintage theatre in Old Hong Kong, take a time leap into the Adventures in Australia, presented by ANZ, an exhilarating life movie that showcases South Australian wildlife at its best. Brace yourself for an awesome encounter where you and exotic animals from Australia will take center stage! The all-star cast includes koalas from South Australia, perennial darlings sporting long, thick grey fur, red-necked wallabies who like their kangaroo buddies are known for powerful hops, and the native laughing kookaburras, who sing distinctive serenades akin to human laughter. Learn about the Aborigines’ eco-friendly lifestyle and LOHAS philosophy through interactive games - less sometimes does mean more! 




Waterfront Cable Car Station 海濱登山纜車站 

Cable Car

Cable Car is a great way to travel between the Waterfront and Summit. With Ocean Park attractions located on two different sides of a mountain and wide swaths of sea in between, riding the Cable Car provides unprecedented views of the surrounding area, the sea, and the entire park. Plan which attraction you'd like to visit next while taking in the panoramic scenery below – the gorgeous vista all around you is also a wonderful opportunity to take some memorable snapshots with your family and friends! 




Ocean Express Cable Car Station 海洋列車海濱站 

Come for a fantastic journey on the Ocean Express, the latest quick, smooth, thrilling and fun way to travel from Ocean Park's Waterfront to the excitement at the Summit. Built to transport up to 5,000 people per hour in each direction, the Ocean Express funicular train can shuttle guests between the Park's two main lands in just 4 minutes. The train is designed to resemble a submersible vehicle, and offers a vivid experience that simulates a journey through the ocean's depths. Be ready for some surprises with creatures from the deep. The train travels through a tunnel that was created by excavating 71,300 square meters of earth and is 1.3 kilometers in length, equivalent to 532 automobiles lined up bumper to bumper! The rail track alone which guides the train is the length of 29 football pitches placed from end to end. Come experience this incredible adventure NOW! No one should miss this immersive and captivating experience on the latest addition at Ocean Park. The journey between the Waterfront and Summit is an unforgettable ride.  

歡迎乘坐海洋公園的海洋列車,展開一段精彩刺激的深海歷險旅程,極速往返山上的高峰樂園與山下的海濱樂園。海洋列車採用雙向行駛,每小時最高單向載客量為5,000人。只需4分鐘的航程,乘客就可往來海洋公園的山下和山上。這部以探索潛水艇為設計藍本的海洋列車,車內配備多媒體設施,向乘客展現深不見底的海洋世界,創造震撼的視聽效果! 海洋列車的工程共開鑿出面積達71,300平方米的隧道,整條隧道全長1.3公里,長度相等532架車緊貼前後並排,而路軌長度足有29個足球場,帶來印象難忘的體驗﹗萬勿錯過海洋公園的全新探索之旅,立即登上海洋列車,征服來自深海的考驗,極速穿梭高峰樂園與海濱樂園! 


Whiskers Harbour 威威天地 

Whiskers Harbour Games Zone

Think you're a good shot? Do you have a better throwing arm than anyone you know? Come try your skills against the rest! Over twenty classic arcade games await to test your skill and luck. Take aim, make a pitch or swing that mallet. Win that special prize for yourself or your loved one! Impress your friends with your abilities! 



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Adult (aged 12 or above) -$960/$740 

Child (aged 3-11) -$480/$370 

Full Time Student (aged 12 or above) -$670 



Opening Hour 

10:00 am to 9:00 pm 



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No. 180, Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan in the Southern District of Hong Kong
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