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Wutong Mountain with Hiking Trails

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Wutong Mountain, conveniently located close to downtown, Shenzhen, is one of the best choices for a local hike. At an altitude of 943 meters, it so naturally becomes the highest mountain in Shenzhen and a challenging hiking trail. Wutong Mountain is named one of the "Top Eight Shenzhen Scenic Spots". Standing on top the mountain, Hong Kong, Dapeng Bay, Yantian Port and Shatoujiao - the whole city and beyond is at your feet.

Wutong Mountain is a combination of river systems (origin of the Shenzhen River and many mountain springs), mountain ranges and forests and natural vegetation. It's also extremely rich in wildlife resources - you can find species under special state protection here such as boas, kites and pangolins.

It usually takes about 3-4 hours to get to the top and 2 hours to make your way down. There will be many fruit, snack and beverage stalls along the way so it's easy enough to stop for a refreshment. However, finding a restroom might be a little more difficult.

A lot of people challenge themselves by climbing Wutong Mountain everyday, so you will always be with helpers if facing any problems. It's important to check the weather before your trip since you would want to avoid rainy, foggy and polluted days for safety reason and for getting the best view. Opening Hour: 8:00-18:00 


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Hiking Routes for Wutong Mountain:

Start from Wutong Village:

A. The broad road: The most gentle road, which is wide enough for two cars. The Road ends at the foot of Hero Slope (Hao Han Po). Thus if you want to hike to the peak, it is necessary to climb on foot.

B. Wutong Village - Wutong Reservoir - Taishanjian- Hulu Pool - Peak: The entire route has well built steps. Less difficult route.

C. Wutong Village - Wutong Reservoir - Centennial Trail - Peak: Standard difficult route.

D. Wutong Village - Wutong Reservoir - Taohuayuan - Peak: Parts of this route is besides a creek, thus it is a little harder. Please do not choose this route on a raining day. Harder/difficult route.

E. Wutong Village - Wutong Reservoir - Mashuifeng - Lesser Wutong - Greater Wutong: With this route you will reach the Lesser Wutong first, which makes it a different route. Standard difficult route.

Start from Xianhu Gardens, Liantang:

A. Xianhu Gardens - Lesser Wutong - Greater Wutong: Standard difficult route.

B. Liantang - Lesser Wutong - Greater Wutong: Standard difficult route.

C. Liantang - Xiaoyanzi Precipice - Lesser Wutong - Greater Wutong: This route covers some dangerous precipice. Very difficult route.

Start from Shatoujiao, Yantian District:

A. Yantian Hospital - Trails - Peak: Standard difficult route.

B. Wutong Yantian Management Station - Peak: Less difficult route.

Start from Longgang:

A. Xiaoao - Fengshuiling - Peak: Less difficult route.

B. Xiken Reservoir Management Station - Xiken Creek - Peak: Standard difficult route. 


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Wutong Mountain village, Luohu District, Shenzhen
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