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Hong Kong City Hall

Opened in 1962, the Hong Kong City Hall is the first multi-purpose cultural complex ever built for the community of Hong Kong. Occupying an area of 11 000 square metres on the reclaimed seafront of Edinburgh Place, Central, the City Hall was designated as a Grade 1 historic building in 2009. Its major facilities, including a Concert Hall renowned for its outstanding acoustics, a Theatre well-received by professional theatre groups, as well as an Exhibition Hall capturing view of the Victoria Harbour, are housed in the Low Block. Other minor facilities, such as the Recital Hall, the Exhibition Gallery and the Committee Rooms, which are located in the High Block, are suitable for holding different kinds of events on a small scale.

For the people of Hong Kong, the significance of the Hong Kong City Hall goes far beyond the boundaries of arts and culture. This 1960s building remains a landmark of the Central District. While the shrine at the Memorial Garden houses records of wartime sufferings in the territory, the Marriage Registry, which was opened in the same year as the City Hall, bears witness to an important milestone for countless couples who have moved on to a new stage in their life.


Over the past 50 years, the Hong Kong City Hall has stood by the people of Hong Kong through thick and thin. It not only offers a stage for artists to display their talent, but also forms part of our collective memories. In the years to come, it will continue to serve as a source of inspiration for artists and contribute to the continual and multi-faceted development of the arts in Hong Kong. 


香港大會堂於一九六二年落成啟用,是香港首個為市民而建的多用途文娛中心。大會堂坐落於中環愛丁堡廣場的臨海填海區,佔地11 000平方米,於二零零九年列為一級歷史建築。大會堂的主要設施位於低座,包括以擁有出色音響效果而聞名的音樂廳、深受專業劇團喜愛的劇院,以及可以遠眺維多利亞港景色的展覽廳;高座則設有演奏廳、展覽館和會議室等小型設施,適合舉辦各類小規模活動。 






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5 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong
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(852) 2921 2840

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