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Shenzhen Loft Youth Hostel

Shenzhen is a legend in Chinese recent history. It has changed itself from a small fishing village to a metropolitan city in just over two decades. It is a catchment of all the elites both at home and aboard. It holds certain degree of resemblance to Hong Kong(which is just a stone's throw away) but also differs with its own character in many ways.
Hua Qiao Cheng (which means Overseas Chinese Townor 'OCT' was originally developed by a group of Chinese returned from overseas who eventually settled down there) is a well-developed and managed community - a live record showing how this fascinating city evolves.
Under the new social scenario, there is a movement that relatively old buildings and factories can be redeveloped to accommodate creative and design industry. The Creation & Art Park where the LOFT Youth Hostel and the Contemporary Art Center situate, is a classic example aiming to provide a place for artists and designers all over the world to meet under one roof through which people can inspire each other with a mixture of traditional and modern outlook of China to produce a new vocabulary.
Hua Qiao Cheng is well landscaped within a radius of 3.5 Km, about half of the space is full of trees and scrubs. It is a garden town inside a metropolitan city. Contemporary art centre, art studios, supermarkets, theme parks, mangrove nature reserve, botanic garden, ecological square and Yan Han Shan walking trail are all in the vicinity. 
The Youth Hostel turns a somewhat unattractive worker dwellings into a simple but good quality budget accommodation and meeting place. The idea is to keep the original architecture and to incorporate it with contemporary style extension. The scale, proportion and proper use of basic materials are all the important elements to show the power of simplicity. By applying a contemporary design ethos to an existing structure, it creates a vision of different stages of the local history and the transformation of life style during the course of time.
We are a socially responsible establishment: Our mission is to promote cross-culture experience, environmental awareness and social learning. We help to broaden young people's horizon and understanding between fellowmen at home and abroad.

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
深圳侨城旅友国际青年旅舍位于华侨城,离地铁侨城东站800米,四周绿树成荫,偎红倚翠,附近有LOFT创意文化园(当代艺术中心、艺术家工作室等)、超市、大型主题公园(世界之窗、锦绣中华、民俗村、欢乐谷)、红树林自然保护区(观鸟的好地方)、园博园(植物园)、生态广场、燕晗山公园等。 创意文化园内的当代艺术中心隶属于长久以来享有美誉的“何香凝美术馆”。该馆是除北京中国美术馆之外唯一的国家级美术馆,它在国家艺术展览和艺术项目方面对中国当代艺术一直起着推动和影响作用。有着独特意义的一点在于致力推动当代艺术普及化,很多大家熟悉的艺术家(Daniel Buren, Philip King, Bernar Vernet, Olafur Elliasson, 顾德新等)的雕塑作品都被永久地陈列于华侨城社区的公共空间。LOFT是一个全新的艺术组合,致力于绘画、装置、行为艺术、音乐表演、电影、录像和多媒体艺术等。它的使命在于支持和发展中国艺术家的前卫艺术实践,给予国内与国际的艺术家在这个平台上互相进行展示与交流。 旅舍原属一幢80年代不起眼的民房,改造及扩建为旅舍时为配合该区的艺术发展方向,设计定位以简洁和致力新旧建筑混合带出一股新品位、新品味的国际气氛。改建后的主体突出主题“简朴就是力量”。利用新旧建筑的互相呼应和一些故意保留下的原有设计和材料,营造了当地不同时段转变的透视效果。  旅舍以推动国际文化交流、环保意识和社会责任为目标。让青年人拓展视野、认识世界。   只接受现金付费,无法使用任何形式的银行卡。 

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
7 Xiang Shan East Street, Hua Qiao Cheng (Overseas Chinese Town), Shenzhen
Place Phone: 
+86 (755)-86095773

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