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Are you feeling unhappy or unhealthy? Are you having relationship problems with family or friends? Are you looking for direction in life? If so, you have come to the right place. Unique is here to guide you so you can live the life you love.


At Unique you will receive training on three core concepts that will allow you to build a prosperous life and lasting relationships:






First, you will become aware of yourself and your surroundings. Then, you will be honest about where you are today and where you choose to go. Finally, you will take responsibility for your life and take action.


Contact life coach Ricky for more information at wechat: empowerpeople


About Ricky: After graduating from Yale University, where he studied Psychology, Sociology and Culture, among other subjects, Ricky has been guiding people to lead meaningful lives and build strong relationships for more than ten years, and almost five years in China. He can provide you with testimonies from people he has helped in the past so you can be sure of the quality of his work.

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尚承文化Chengshang Culture
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+86 (755)

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