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The new group working out studio in Shekou.

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LesMill BodyJam is a cardiovascular induced class that gives you the freedom to get up and dance to heart pumping beats. Along with the other Les Mill's programs, the program is updated every three months along with new routines and tracklists. Indulge in many different styles of dance from around the world combined into one enjoyable class. Dancing is about the passion, but the most important thing to keep in mind is to relax and enjoy yourself. 

Body Jam

BodyCombat is a self-releasing cardio training class. Along with the other LesMills classes, it is also updated once every three months, along with new music and new routines. Do you need to find a way to release your stress and worries? This class incorporates moves from the martial arts including karate, boxing, tae kwon do, and other KATA ways to burn calories. Not only will you have fun, you will also learn how to protect yourself and gain confidence in yourself. 

Body Combat

BodyDynamix is a class that uses the barbell to sculpt, strengthen and tone your entire body! This barbell course will utilize the most effective training methods to enhance body strength. Using the REP EFFECT, the class includes exercises such as squats, curls, and pressures to challenge your large major muscle groups. BodyDynamix will surely push your body to the limit, pumping up those muscles to the latest tracks. 

Body Dynamix

Bodyharmony incorporates yoga, tai chi, and pilates into one class to enhance flexibility and strength training. This class will help you become more focused and make you feel calm and serene. Bodyharmony uses the spirit of harmony and tranquility from yoga and the rigid focus from integrating body shape and health from pilates. Through controlled breathing and concentration, this class uses a series of poses and stretches to music to achieve a state of body balance.

Body Harmony

Zumba is a fashion fitness class that involves a combination of music and dancing as well as learning new aerobic movements. This class is known around the world for its aggressive and passionate dancing style. It has also been called a "big party", making people happy, relieving stress and raising positive attitudes. Just follow along to the beat of the music and simply enjoy this class that is full of energy and charisma!



Pilates uses muscle force and exercise physiology training through static movement that focuses on physical training including the waist, abdomen, back, chest, rear, and other parts. This type of training also includes certain aspects of yoga and tai chi such as controlled breathing and focusing the mind. Pilates draws from both Western and Eastern cultures and with the physiological and psychological research findings, has proven to be positive.


Yoga is a class that relieves stress as well as promotes positive body spirit. This class will teach you to maintain proper body posture using ancient skills that improves people's physical, mental and spiritual harmony as well as unity of movement. Methods include the body asana, pranayama breathing, aligning meditation method, etc. utilized to achieve unity of the body and mind. 

Dance Aerobics

Dance Aerobics is an aerobic class that uses rhythmic dance music. A variety of difference dance styles combined with a series of aerobic exercises ensures mental and physical satisfaction. You will be able to improve more upon your dancing and athletic abilities than you would have thought possible. Not only will you lose lots of calories, you will also have fun doing it through dance!

Hip Hop

Hip hop is achieved through a combination of walking, running, and jumping through the head, neck, shoulders, upper limbs, and torso. Each move works several muscles at one time. From using the upper and lower limbs, to the abdomen and back, hip-hop is a unique style of dance.

ECT (Extreme Core training)

ECT is an hour long workout that focuses on the core region. Muscles worked in this class include the torso, sling muscles that connect the upper body to the lower body, abdomen, and lower back. This will help you tighten your core region; mainly your stomach and rear while helping you gain strength preventing injuries. Break a sweat while working your core muscles.

Party Dance is a high intensity aerobic class that uses the chart-topping popular hits along with simple, yet hot dance moves. People with any or no experience at dancing are welcome to dance in this class. As a vibrant, unique class, many participate as a way to socially exercise and have fun at the same time.

Party Dance

Pop dance is a combination of different styles of dance that includes hip-hop, jazz, latin, reggae, and many others merged into one class. It is a cardiovascular type of class that will surely get you moving and grooving to the latest tracks out there. For anyone that is interested in dancing, this class is the perfect fit because it allows one to dance as well as simultaneously get fit.  


Place Address : A1, 1st Floor, Zhenxing Building, No. 33 Taizi Road, Shekou, Shenzhen


Place Phone: +86 (755) 882 73 831


Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Vitality Fitness
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
A1, 1st Floor, Zhenxing Building, No. 33 Taizi Road, Shekou, Shenzhen
Place Phone: 
+86 (755) 882 73 831

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That was great! There are a lot of options to stay fit and healthy.
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