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Tze Viet (Vietnamese) Restaurant

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Tze Viet

New opening Vietnamese restaurant in Costal City Nanshan which can offer delicious Saigon Sandwich in Shenzhen! 

Check other food in bellow:

汤粉类(PHO Noodle Soup)

1, 河内鲜牛肉粉

Pho with thin slices of Beef (Medium Rare)

2, 河内浓香牛腩粉

 Pho with beef brisket (well done) 


Pho with beef meat ball


Deluxe combo two out of four (Beef slices, brisket, meat ball and tripe)

5, 招牌火车头牛肉粉

House special Pho with beef combo

6, 招牌河内鸡丝粉 

House special Pho with shredded chicken

7, 河内番茄虾檬粉

 Rice vermicelli with tomato and shrimp noodle soup 

8, 越式红烧牛腩粉

Pho with roasted beef Brisket


Vegetarian Pho

西贡法式三明治类(Saigon Baguette Sandwich)

  1. 经典西贡法式扎肉三明治
  2. Classic Saigon Baguette Sandwich 

2, 法式烧鸡肉三明治 

Saigon Baguette sandwich with Grilled chicken 

3, 法式烧猪肉三明治

Saigon Baguette sandwich with Grilled Pork


Saigon Baguette sandwich with Tuna 


Saigon Baguette sandwich with Grilled beef

干捞檬粉类(Rice Vermicelli)


Cold Vermicelli Bowl with Grilled chicken


Cold Vermicelli Bowl with Grilled Pork 


Cold Vermicelli Bowl with Grilled Beef


1, 越式炸春卷

Pork spring roll

2, 越式水晶卷

Crystal spring roll


Deep-fried chicken wings

4, 香煎鱿鱼饼 

Fried squid cake

5, 顺化甘蔗虾

Shrimp paste sugar cane skewer

6, 香茅肉碎配虾片

Lemongrass minced pork with Vietnamese prawn cracker

7, 传统越南蒸米糕

Steamed rice cake 

8, 越南小吃拼盘

Vietnamese snakes combo

9, 越南家常小煎饼

Vietnamese homemade pizza

10, 越式蒸粉卷

Vietnamese steamed rice paper with pork


1, 青木瓜鲜虾沙律

Green papaya with shrimp salad

2, 边和柚子鲜虾沙律

Pomelo and grilled shrimp salad

  1. 3, 烧牛肉柠檬汁沙律

Grilled beef salad

4, 西贡鸡丝沙律

Saigon style chicken salad

越南家常菜(Vietnamese Homemade dishes)

  1. 1, 西贡香浓咖喱牛腩

Curried beef Brisket Stew

2, 西贡浓香咖喱鸡

Curried Chicken 

3,  河内家常红烧牛腩

Homemade roasted beef Brisket Stew 

4, 西贡香茅辣椒鸡

Saigon lemongrass chilli chicken

越南烤肉类(Vietnamese Barbecue)

1, 烤香茅猪扒

Grilled Lemongrass pork chop 

  1. 烤香茅鸡排

Grilled Lemongrass chicken chop

3, 烧槟榔叶牛肉串

Pepper leaves Grilled beer 

4, 越式烤串(猪肉,鸡肉,牛肉) 

Grilled lemongrass skewers(Pork,chicken,beef) 

饮品 Beverages

越南 G7 咖啡 Vietnamese G7 coffee

  1. 越南滴漏咖啡  Vietnamese style coffee
  2. 清爽青柠苏打  Green lemon Soda
  1. 新鲜菠萝冰 Pineapple Slush
  1. 新鲜椰青  Fresh Coconut
  1. 西贡啤酒  Saigon Beer 

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
No.210, Tianli Center Business Plaza Garage, Costal City, Nanshan, Shenzhen
Place Phone: 
+86 189 3888 6257

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call us: +86-755-3395-5850