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Tequila Coyote’s Mexican Food &Grill

Coyote’s Mexican Cantina

A new Mexican restaurant located in Sea World, Shekou.

Tase and have good time here.

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Tequila Coyote’s Mexican Food &Grill
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
18 Taizi Lu, by Wanghai Lu
Place Phone: 
0755-2683 6446

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Having moved to Shenzhen for

Having moved to Shenzhen for 11 months, this is the worst meal I have had. Ordered the combination platter (RMB 240) and left most of it untouched. The sauces (guacamole, salsa, etc) came straight out of the fridge and was cold and runny. Nothing chunky about the salsa here, the concept of using a knife is dead in this kitchen - quite clear that the culprit that murdered the salsa was an ELECTRIC BLENDER . (Guess if you are the sort that  prefers high-tec over culinary skills...).

The beef gave off such a stench that it was inedible. For the first time in my life, I am challenged to swallow something unappeasing to my palete - and lost. How uncouth - I have never in my life spit out food (however unpleasant) back onto the plate - but as they say - never say never.

After politely asking the waitress which items in the combination platter contained beef (BTW she had no trouble understanding me as I am Chinese and spoke with her in Mandarin) she told me that the ingredients "changes according to the chef" so who knows what's in your burito.

The chicken filling was some kind of unidentified mush with a really odd taste and texture. I swiftly paid my bill and left (with a smile - not a smirk - but a smile - not at all reflecting how I felt).

After years of having great Mexican food in California and Arizona (and Mexico), I have to say that this allegedly "authentic" Mexican Restaurant in China has me utterly surprised. (or should I say shocked or disgusted). 

  the food is not that great,


the food is not that great, food is serv.on chip dish and the soda is over price bye the time u are done they are cleaning your table off

I have to get my compadres

I have to get my compadres saddled up and get to this place.  I have been working in Shenzhen since last January and need a taste of the home land.  I'm from San Antonio Texas and really miss the mexican food and drink.  This weekend for sure.  Does anyone know the best bus route from Dameisha?

Adios Amigos 

I went there with few

I went there with few friends. Maybe the food is too authentic, they really aren't my type as I am a 100% Chinese. But the caipirinha there is really really good. I have never tried this good caipirinha in Shenzhen before.

I just went to try this

I just went to try this restaurant and was pleasantly surprised. The Margarita's were hard core and in a variety of flavors. The food was also good with a variety and extensive menu. There are spicy and not spicy options that should please everybody. The decor also amplifies the atmosphere as well as the Mexican music.

Hello! I am planning to go


I am planning to go there tonight but there is no number!

I have to book a table as we will be 20 people, someone could help me to get the number?

It is urgent!


Best regards

Food is good.  Prices are on

Food is good.  Prices are on the high side.  And they "bait n switch" on wine .... menu shows wine below ¥190 per bottle that they conveniently don't have so you can only get ¥240+ bottles ....

The food here is fantastic -

The food here is fantastic - definitely on par with the best of the authentic mexican food place in California.  Great ambiance, good drink selection, and the carnitas were some of the best I've ever had.

nice one!

nice one!

I´ve been a couple of times

I´ve been a couple of times to this restaurant. The food is authentic Mexican cuisine I particularly liked the Tacos de Alambre. Mexican beer avaialble too.

If you like Mexican food or just want to try it, I would recomended this restaurant.