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Spicy Shell Seafood

The unique style and flavor of Spicy Shell Food Restaurant originated from Louisiana, USA.

Most Seafood in America

Louisiana is located at the lower reaches of Mississippi River within the tropical climate zone. Its aquaculture and fishing industries are extremely well-developed. The marine products in Louisiana account for one fourth of the total in the U.S. and it has the largest seafood output. The locals are very fond of seafood!

The Secret is in the Sauce

Since Louisiana is also situated along the Gulf of Mexico, the secret spicy sauce in Spicy Shell Food Restaurant is a perfect blend of more than 10 sorts of Mexican spices, all of which are imported from the U.S. This is truly one of a kind!

Dine & Wine in a Luxury Cruise

Louisiana is built on its manufacturing business of barges for civil and military use and cruises, which is why Spicy Shell Food Restaurant is designed after a luxury cruise. It’s also where the legendary NBA stars “Shaq” – Shaquille O’Neal and Karl Malone were born!

Bringing a New Flavor to China

This unique flavor was such a craze in the West Coast from Los Angeles to Santa Monaca Pier and Redondo Beach. Our restaurants that were launched in several cities including Cerritos and Claremont have been a huge success. Today, the founder of Spicy Shell Food Restaurant – Mr. David Po decides to bring this trend to China by opening the very first restaurant where friends can enjoy the original Louisiana style seafood in a relaxing and casual environment. We believe its unique style and flavor will bring total joy to all the spicy seafood lovers!

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
加辣比海鲜餐厅的独特风格和口味,源自美国南部的路易斯安那州(Louisiana)。 全美海鲜最多 路易斯安那州位于密西西比河下游 , 属于热带气候,水产养殖业和捕鱼业均很发达,海产品捕捞量占全美四分之一,海鲜产量居第一位。当地居民都很喜欢吃海鲜 !   独特秘制酱汁 路易斯安那州亦位于墨西哥湾沿岸 , 所以加辣比海鲜餐厅的秘制辣酱汁,亦选用了十多种墨西哥香料调配而成,全部由美国进口,可谓是独一无二 !   游船主题 路易斯安那州的制造业以民用、军用驳船和游船制造 , 所以加辣比海鲜餐厅的装修风格当然以游船作为主题。而在这里出生的NBA传奇巨星大鲨鱼奥尼尔和卡尔•马龙,大家一定也不陌生!   前所未有的新风味 这独特的风味从美国西岸洛杉矶风靡至圣塔莫尼卡码头 ( Santa Monica Pier ) 和雷东多海滩 ( Redondo Beach )。我们先后在喜瑞都 (Cerritos),克莱蒙 ( Claremont ) 等多个城市开设分店,均大受欢迎。今天,加勒比海鲜餐厅的创办人 大卫•布先生 (Mr. . David Po) 将这独特口味带来中国,我们希望大家不仅可以首次在中国享受到道地的路易斯安那海鲜的独特风格和口味,而轻松休闲的环境气氛也能够让大家拾回童真的用餐模式,相信将会带给嗜辣和海鲜爱好者肯定的满足和惊喜!  

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
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Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Spicy Shell Seafood, Unit 001-002,3/F,Block 3,Area A,Sea World Plaza, Shekou,Nanshan District,Shenzhen ( Take lift nearby Pacific Coffee to 3 floor)
深圳市南山区蛇口海上世界船前广场A区2栋3层001-002 铺 (温馨提示:各贵客注意!船前广场扶手电梯是不能前往本餐厅!请由太平洋咖啡旁,仙人掌餐厅对面升降机按3字直达本餐厅)
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