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Seasons-Hainan coconut chicken hot pot restaurant

Shenzhen Runyuan Four Seasons Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It is a Hainan coconut chicken hot pot restaurant featuring a Hainan style tropical garden. The dining area has the feel and ambiance of the South East Asian countryside due to its greenery, oriental decor and separation from all of noise of the city. With convenient parking and a great location in OCT Loft, it makes for a convenient dining experience. It’s concept is grounded in the use of organic, natural and delicious ingredients for a heavenly taste.

At Seasons, we capture taste, touch, and vision to combine the natural tastes of all four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, with the main ingredient being a soup made from Hainan Wenchang chicken and natural coconut milk. Our hot pot is made from only natural ingredients and is aromatic and healthy to better meet the demand of the modern diet. "Always be my friend" is one of the motto’s of how we welcome our guests at Seasons, as well as "family standard" and "high quality". There are 8 branches in Shenzhen and the average spend is about 70-100 yuan per person.

How to reserve your table?

You can search 深圳润园四季餐饮有限公司 on Wechat or 美味不用等” platform to reserve it

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Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
深圳润园四季餐饮有限公司创业于2009年,是一家以新式海南热带园林特色为主打的海南椰子鸡。餐厅空间拥有山野风格,东方气质以及东南亚田园情怀,环境优雅舒适宜人,空气清新,远离都市烦嚣。各分店地理位置优越,交通及停车便捷。四季有美食,自然是天堂。 润园四季从味觉、触觉、视觉捕捉空间和四季的存在,企业崇尚自然春、夏、秋、冬的不同品味,食材选料严谨,形成四季滋补系列,主料采用海南文昌鸡及天然椰子汁烹制煮汤、香润甜滑、芳香四溢,健康,营养,美味,满足现代人的饮食需求。“常临知己”是润园四季宾至如归的待客之道;润园四季秉承“家人标准,良心品质”为我们的服务理念。公司现有:香蜜湖店、韵动家园店、安微大厦店、华侨城创意园店、欢乐海岸店、卓越世纪中心店、京基KK-MALL店、梅林卓越汇等八家分店,营业面积达15000多平方。餐厅人均消费约70-100元的标准,是您宴请、聚餐,分享的好地方。 预约方式:您可以微信搜索深圳润园四季餐饮有限公司,加入服务号了解预约订座,或通过“美味不用等”预订平台进行预约订座。欢迎您的光临!

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
润园四季椰子鸡 Seasons
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
香蜜湖店 XiangmiHu Branch 深圳市福田区香蜜湖南三街市规划大厦对面 Shenzhenshi Futian Qu Xiangmihu Nansanjie Shiguihuaju Duimian 0755-2396 5116/2396 5165 韵动家园店 Yundong Jiayuan Branch 深圳市福田区滨河路与沙嘴路交界韵动家园首层 Shenzhenshi Futian Qu Binhe lu yu Shazuilu Jiaojie Yundong Jiayuan Shouceng 0755-2955 5558/8835 3521 安徽大厦店 Anhui Dasha Branch 深圳市福田区深南大道6007”创展安徽大厦3楼(NEO旁) Shenzhenshi Futian Qu Shennan Dadao 6007 Chuangzhan Anhui Dasha 3 Lou(Near to NEO) 0755-8228 2228/8239 7588 华侨城Loft创意园店 Oct-Loft Branch 深圳市南山区华侨城香山东街与汕头交界处,东部市场4/F(华侨城创意园旁) Shenzhenshi Nanshan Qu Huaqiaocheng Xiangshan Dongjie yu Shantou Jiaojiechu, Dongbu Shichang4lou 0755-2912 8886/8268 7799/8268 1068 欢乐海岸店 OCTHARBOUR Branch 深圳市南山区沙河街道白石路东8号欢乐海岸东区曲水湾5栋F2 Shenzhenshi Nanshan Qu Shahe Jiedao Baishiludong 8 hao Huanleihaian Dongqu Qushuiwan 5 Dong F2 0755-2589 5000/2586 1199/2586 3399 卓越世纪中心店 Zhuoyue Shiji Zhongxin Branch 深圳市福田区福华三路与金田路交汇处卓越世纪中心3、4号裙楼L301 ShenzhenShi Futian Qu Fuhua Sanlu yu Jintian lu Jiaohuichu Zhuoyue Shiji Zhongxin 3& 4 hao lou L301 0755-2583 1999/8236 9922 京基100,KK-MALL店 Kk Mall Branch 深圳市罗湖区深南东路5016号京基100,kk-mall京基百纳空间3/F,L3-310 ShenzhenShi Luohu Qu Shennan Donglu 5016hao Jingji 100, KK-mal, 3/F,L3-310 0755-2228 8817/8268 8806/8268 8809 梅林卓悦汇店 Meilin Zhuoyue Branch 深圳市福田区中康路与梅林路交汇处卓悦汇购物中心5楼L532# ShenzhenShi Futian Qu Zhongkanglu yu meilin jiaohui chu, Zhuoyuehui mall, 5F,L532 0755-2228 8816/8273 1502/8273 1396
Place Phone: 

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