MR吾Five Bites: Amercican Hot Dog Restaurant

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Five bites is a gourmet hot dog cafe brand newly opened in the city. It is named Five Bites because in hot dog etiquette, one should finish a hot dog no more than five bites.  Five bites's another eye-catching feature is its NBA inspired ambience.With the Air Jordan limited edition collections, graffiti wall, basketball-like dining table,big screens playing NBA games and floor painted like basketball field, you simultaneously feel like you are in a sport bar somewhere in New York.  Five bites is definitely a place where you could drop by whenever you want to take a break enjoying beers and hot dogs whiling watching basketball games.


这种简单直接的理念也体现在了店面的装修上,钢铁、水泥、木工饰面无不体现着Mr.吾崇尚的率真、随性却又不乏桀骜张扬的个性。从店内收藏的Air Jordan限量版篮球鞋到随处可见的涂鸦,再到灌篮场景的主题墙,又或是店内循环播放的NBA球赛,都在展示着热狗文化与运动的紧密联系。

Mr.吾现已有4家分店,分别位于COCO Park、海岸城、海上世界、欢乐颂




Five bites has four branches which is located in COCO Park (L1, next to Haagen-Dazs), Huanlesong Shopping Mall (1/F) and the Coastal City( L2, next to Haagen-Dazs)


Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
MR吾Five Bites
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
A: No. L1-J07-J08, CocoPark, Futian district (next to Haagen-Dazs) B: No. 288, 2/F, Coastal City, Nanshan District C: No.31-33, 1/F, Building 3th, Seeworld Shekou D: No. G108, 1/F, Huanlesong Shopping Mall, Nanshan District
COCO Park店: 深圳市福田区COCOPARK L1-J07-J08 0755-83177651 海岸城店: 深圳市南山区海岸城购物中心2楼天台广场288号 0755-86559701 海上世界店: 深圳市南山区海上世界环船广场3号楼一层31-33号 欢乐颂店: 深圳市南山区欢乐颂购物中心一层G108号 0755-86570529
Place Phone: 
+86 0755

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