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Bésame Mucho

Bésame Mucho offers a Mexican Modern Food by  Chef José Maria Flores from Sinaloa, México, within an experience to being working in several countries in Europe and America, now comes to show his creativity to Asian Market.

Bésame Mucho it´s the most famous mexican song, that being revisited and recorded for many artist around the world, from the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Luis Miguel and Andrea Bocelli just to mention a few of them, the author Consuelo Velazques never imagine that her song will represent the mexicanity

in Bésame Mucho we believe that mexican food it´s a gift to the whole world, our dishes that we serve all of them are fresh made it from Zero 

Home made Corn Tortillas, just like any street food back in Mexico City

Home made mole, achiote all those mexican sauces with several ingridients and spices

Bésame Mucho shows  dishes from the different mexican cuisines, not everything is a TACO, plates from north, south, east and traditional mixture with the precolombine cultures and colony times 

Bésame Mucho will delight all costumer with

  • Tacos
  • Mayan Pullpork
  • Carne Asada
  • Chorizo
  • Alambre
  • Prawns
  • Fish

Corn Tortilla Quesadillas


Pumpkin Flowers


Cemita Sandwich

Mexican Pizza (Tlayuda From Oaxaca)

And our Main courses, that i dont list here, i invite you to discover by your own 

Everyone is welcome to this Restaurant like Mexicans say: Mi casa es tu casa !

Business Hours:

Mon-Sun, 5pm-2am




Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
Bésame Mucho (墨西哥之吻)邀請了從墨西哥遠度而來的大廚José María Flores 來自墨西哥北部的城市Sinaloa (錫納羅亞) Bésame mucho 主打年輕人的市場以當代的墨西哥菜作招徠,大廚José María Flores 來中國以前都在不同的歐洲國家和美國工作過,有足夠的經驗來顯示他的創造力,來表現和吸引亞洲的市場首選深圳作為表演現代的墨西哥菜的第一站。   Bésame Mucho 是一首最著名的墨西哥老歌,被不同的著名世界的音樂家、樂隊、重新審視和記錄,改編收錄在專輯中,例子:Beatles 皮頭士,Frank Sinatra 弗蘭克.辛納屈, Luis Miguel 路易斯.米格爾,和 Andrea Bocelli 安德烈.波切利 , 只是輕輕的舉這幾個例子,可能作典者Consuelo Velázquez 從來都沒有想到她的歌能代表墨西哥的精神歌曲   話說回來到我們餐廳Bésame mucho 墨西哥之吻餐廳 ,因為我們相信墨西哥菜是給世界的食品禮物,能像這首歌曲一樣從零開始,一起努力打拼。   在Bésame Mucho 墨西哥之吻餐廳菜式:手工製作玉米餅,就像墨西哥城的任何街食品一樣,手工製作Mole (摩利)是一種非常重要的墨西哥醬料 ,Achiote 胭脂樹的種子,也是一種製造墨西哥醬汁的重要原材料,加上幾種秘製釀造的醬汁和香料,聽著口水流了。   Bésame Mucho 墨西哥之吻餐廳展示了不同的墨西哥菜餚,不是所有食品都是Tacos 墨西哥玉米餅,我們會製造從東、南、西、北方和傳統結合在不同的墨西哥菜餚上加入前殖民地的文化和殖民時代的佳餚文化溶合一起製造

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Chuang ye Lu 3023 Ipark ! Nanshan District
深圳市南山区南海大道,创业路3023号交汇處 凯德公园一号L1-06号铺
Place Phone: 
+86 136 9188 1312

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