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Mon Saigon Asian and European Fusion Food

Enter into the 1960s with a unique and vintage dining experience. Mon Saigon was started to bring back the times of the Saigon culture before the development of Vietnam. Due to the war of that time, many immigrants from all over the world were in Saigon and helped to introduce what would turn out to be a fusion style type of dining by mixing the traditional Asian ingredients with Western favorites. That said, Mon Saigon offers a unique menu that combines the tastes of Vietnam, Singapore and other Asian influences with European and American staples. 

Mon Saigon is broken up into three floors. The bottom floor is a level of fun and excitement with live bands, a bar area and a large space for parties to relax in a louder and engagement experience. The main floor is quieter and relaxing with a vintage ambiance and classical favorites playing through the radio. The top area is for adults only and is equipped with a sky bar and a beautiful view of the city across the lake. 

Business Hours:

Monday - Sunday, 10AM - 1:30AM 

Average spend:

110 RMB

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
西贡餐吧带你进入20世纪60年代,为你提供一种独特的古老就餐体验。它将带你进入越南发展之前的西贡文化的时代。由于当时的战争,许多来自世界各地的移民都在西贡,并帮助引入了一种融合风格的餐饮,将传统的亚洲食材与西方的风味融合在一起。也就是说,Mon Saigon提供了一种独特的菜单,它结合了越南、新加坡和其他亚洲国家与欧洲和美国的主食的融合的口味。 西贡餐吧一共三层。底下一层主要是生活风情与现场乐队带,由于地下酒吧的宽广性可以容纳大量群体的聚会组织, 因此具备很好的娱乐性。地上一层有大量的复古家俬,这里让你身临其境的感受到复古文化的熏陶。顶层的露天酒吧只适合成年人,端上一杯美酒,让你彻底的陶醉在蓝天与城市的美景之中。

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Mon Saigon-梦西贡餐吧
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Block B,Xiangmihu wenhua Fengqing 1979, qiaoxiangRd (exit B2 Xiangmai North Metro Station)
Place Phone: 

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call us: +86-755-3395-5850