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Laodachang Restaurant

Laodachang Restaurant

This old Shanghai restaraunt has been open since 1985 and has received a face-lift since recent times. Open for lunch and dinner, this place is one of those authentic Chinese restaruants serving iconic household Shanghai dishes, ie. the famous Xiaolong Bao (the little buns with the soup inside that usually come in steaming 6s), and one of those places that just get it very right. The interior is plastered with nostalgic vintage Shanhai posters to compliment its Shanghai cuisine. The downstairs area is rather cozy so the upstairs option might be better if you're one for a bit more quiet during dinner (as quiet as it can get in a Chinese restaurant anyway). This place has a flair for attracting the old and young who have a taste for the traditional. The service is alright (accompanied with a shoulder shrug), to a standard you would expect at a busy Chinese restaurant, especially at peak dining hours. You can have quite a hearty meal with 3 others for less than 300rmb (quite reasonably priced) which is great so you can try lots of dishes together! 

There are many Shanghainese people that gather and dine there, which pays good tribute to the authenticity of the dishes on offer. As a destination restaurant in Shenzhen, it might not be your first choice, but it's still a place that is popular with the locals and worth the try while you're here. So why not find out for yourself and share your photos and thoughts with us! 

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Huaqiang Shennan Road No.3019, Futian District
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