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In 1998,a great imagination of dessert brand from Kagoshi Makototake the founder of LeTAO,originated in a european-style tower on the crossroads of Otaru,city of romantic,in Hokkaido.

『LeTAO』comes from the combination of the French initials  "La Tour Amitié Otaru" which means "Dear Otaru Tower" and the reverse reading of the word"OTARU" ,and also acts in cooperation with Otaru Tower where the sweet imagination started.The Otaru Tower guarding the streets with firm and gentle attitude, accompaning all the people who come and go.

Since the establishment of LeTAO, it has always been based on classic nostalgic desserts, combined with the idea of new fashion, not only adopts Hokkaido high-quality ingredients, but also selects high-quality materials from all over the world, with high requirements for perfect taste and production process, as well as pioneering refrigeration technology.

All in all,LeTAO has never stopped moving forward by delivering happiness and love to the world.

Nowadays LeTAO has opened over 20 stores around the world, becoming a globally popular Japanese gift brand.And the popular cake Double Fromage with a miraculous taste has captured the hearts of many fans. In 2018, this dessert brand that always makes people feel happy and warm, came to mainland China with the blessings and love looking forward to meeting more people who like LeTAO and passing on the most sincere love and gratitude.


Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
深圳华润深圳湾万象城B147号/No.B147,The Mixc,Shenzhen Bay,Shenzhen,China

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
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Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
No.B147,The Mixc,Shenzhen Bay,Shenzhen,China//shen zhen hua run shen zhen wan wan xiang cheng B147
Place Phone: 
+86 (755) 26416130

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