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McCawley's Irish Bar & Restaurant Shekou

An Irish Pub done right and the most authentic place in the whole of South china that you can enjoy Guinness on tap. Also has a full dining menu including Steak and Guinness Pie. After one year of business they have expanded with a beautiful rooftop beer garden with big screen projector to watch all your favorite sporting events in the cool breeze. Operation hours: 11:30am-2:00am, Kitchen Hours: 11:30am-11:30pm.


Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
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Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Shop 118 Sea World Complex Shekou off of Taizi Rd. (near the Minghua Boat)
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yep, the girls get tired and

yep, the girls get tired and ignorant at times (and try to make you tip by ignoring you,  Jesus just ask for a beer tab) but the band has always been great and the people are fantastic. The food is bad... are you kidding me? Must be the competition writing in.

I love this place! I always

I love this place! I always have a few pints here. Mind the Gap is a fantastic band that rocks out all the best music. They are even gracious enough to let other musicians play a song with them. That NEVER happens in the US. The drinks are good, the food is fine. Wish I was there now........

Th Band (Ming The Gap) is

Th Band (Ming The Gap) is back! The food is great again! So are the drinks! Floating like a mud here!!! They serve real Russian Vodka! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Perhaps the worst place I've

Perhaps the worst place I've been in Shenzhen, rude and unattentive waitresses combined with poor quality draught beer and truly terrible food - it may be the first time in my life I've left half an "all day breakfast" on my plate because I couldn't bear to eat anymore. We saw the (rest of the world, not Chinese) New Year in here with a group of friends, and they were all appalled. Never again.

Hi guys ,this bar is nice

Hi guys ,this bar is nice .Even the people who go there a littble bit older than other bars .But It isnt a noise bar .I wish this bar go back as like old time .Busy and funny always with lost laughing .and the customer still friendly .....Go to this bar dont just focus on wowen or Men. Just enjoy beer and game ,and jokes ......

mccawleys spirit's

mccawleys spirit's gone...scince december 2008

So what happened of this

So what happened of this bar????I've heard that this bar got closed,I couldn't find the news in sz daily about this bar.

I like this bar. It's

I like this bar. It's authentic, great atmosphere, thick wooden table, nice wooden pillars, they are very well equipped to broadcast sport games. It's been a while I haven't eaten there but it was good and portions were great. Their terrace is very nice with those huge wooden tables.
I went there last week for a rugby game on a saturday and it was badly air-conditioned. And there were all those kids in the main room I was a bit surprised! I don't understand how can someone bring its kids to a bar where people can smoke. Anyways bars are not for kids.

I Think Denthead was a bit

I Think Denthead was a bit confused with beatles a while ago..... Haha, Denthead loser!! You better find another place to have your beers..

I heard X-ta-sea will have a great band soon!!

MTG is the best!!!

oh that's just so nice of

oh that's just so nice of you! thank u for your wonderful comment, whoever you are. may God keep you in His care always!

same boring band all the

same boring band all the time, with a female singer who couldnt hold a note if her life depended on it. but then again shes married to the talentless guitar playing owner, sure it's love!

good beer, good food, bad music... welcome to McCawley's.

Great place. They make a

Great place. They make a good gin&tonic, and serve good Irish beer. Small, but nice. Friendly people. Always a lot of expats. Good Irish-pub feeling to the place.