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Men's Club is an Art Deaco Inspired speak Easy bar Located in Shenzhen, focusing on high-Quality Whiskey and Cocktails, combined with high-class customer service.There's a Barber Shop in MC and you never want to go to a common hair salon or hairdressing Shop if you've ever experienced a distinctive at Barber Shop.





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Men's Club
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Shop L120-121 Excellence Times Square Phase 2 Futian Shenzhen
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Wow! Boss Tico Li opens

Wow! Boss Tico Li opens another whiskey project in SZ! Boss Tico used to have his own bar, Malt Whisky Bar, in Hong Kong. He was also a top mixologist at Peninsula Hotel. Ask him to make his famous smoky old fashioned or have a laugh and order a Yoichi 17 year old whiskey. Boss Tico is the most humble person, gives perfect service, and hands down is the best whiskey expert in SZ. Highly recommend Men's Club and the excellent Boss Tico.
call us: +86-755-3396-6071