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Shenzhen’s Most Innovative International School

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More and more families are realizing that a quality education is not simply about how many tests the student is taking. Schools themselves are beginning to understand this with many taking tentative steps in becoming more inquiry-based in their educational philosophy.

Shenzhen American International School


Shenzhen American International School (SAIS) understood this need to have their students be more prepared for the 21st century workplace and began developing a Project Based Learning (PBL) curriculum almost a decade ago. SAIS is now internationally recognised as the first and foremost PBL school in Southern China. Prestigious international bodies such as the British Council have visited and written positively about the school and consultants from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London who were engaged in developing the Design Centre project at Seaworld as well as Universities from the United States have been impressed with the forward thinking that SAIS has exhibited.


PBL offers students the opportunity to research and find solutions to a real-life problem. Whether 4 year old students are learning about shadow and light, Grade 2 students about recycling, or Grade 7 students about the impact of humans on the planet, each individual student has been involved in researching a problem, thereby improving their literacy skills, thinking about how to solve the problem which improves their cognitive abilities and then providing a solution which often involves the practical application of mathematical and scientific skills.


For parents interested in their child’s education a visit to the school where they can see PBL in action is recommended. Rather than simply listen to a lecture by the Admissions staff, parents and prospective students can interact directly with the students. Indeed, the traditional Open House has never been a part of the SAIS strategy.


Although parents can attend the Maker Faires or Exhibitions of Learning

organised by SAIS we firmly believe that a visit at a time that is convenient to the parent – with individual attention and direct interaction with the students – gives a real understanding of SAIS and the PBL philosophy.


Contact admissions to arrange your individual appointment and our student ambassadors will treat you to a real VIP tour process.

Admissions Hotline: (86-755) 86316699.




Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Shenzhen American International School深美国际学校
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Shenzhen American International School, NO.80, Gongyuan Rd, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
深圳南山区蛇口公园路80号 深美国际学校
Place Phone: 
+86 (755) 86316699

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