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Jardin Orange Artists Residency

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 Founded in 2016, Jardin Orange has been the first artist residency program of Shenzhen. It aims to promote the development of contemporary art in the region and enables each artist that comes to grow and develop further their style. Within the residency itself, it presents the drawings, sculptures, paintings and murals made by each of its artists.

    The residency encourages all artists to experiment with their talents so that they may incorporate a foreign “touch" to their aesthetics, as well as blend and collaborate with the others that work alongside them. It is Jardin Orange’s mission to make original art beautify life.  It is equally important to demonstrate how the East and West can blend together.

    Jardin Orange provides each resident artist with living accommodations, studio space, art materials and a living stipend during their stay. It encourages each visiting artist to engage in a deep personal stylistic exploration of their work, while giving them the autonomy and independence for their individual work process. Within the last 2 years, Jardin Orange has hosted nearly 50 artists from over 10 countries, including also multiple Chinese artists, in order to foment a deeper relationship between the local regional artist community and the foreign artists that arrive. 

    During and after the stay of each artist, each piece of unique and excellent work produced is published and promoted exclusively by the Jardin Orange Artist Residency along a myriad of channels, including large exhibitions and private events. As an already well-known organization, Jardin Orange constantly strives to demonstrate a high-quality and professional representation of every resident artist and their works. It boasts of a solid promotional team which meets the highest quality  expectations for every client it works with.

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
Jardin Orange 艺术公馆创立于2016年,是深圳首个艺术家驻留项目,旨在推动当代艺术的发展,助力艺术家成长。我们以多元的方式去展现来自世界各地艺术家的影像、雕塑、绘画和墙绘等艺术作品。     让原创艺术美化生活是Jardin Orange 艺术公馆的使命。进驻到园区的艺术家们,可享受我们为其提供优质的住宿、配件齐全的工作室、所有的创作材料和展示平台。艺术家之间可以自由舒适地进行交流,感受东西方文化相互交融。在这里,您可以在国际艺术家的作品中发现中国元素,也可以在中国艺术家的画作里看到西方艺术的影响。过去的两年里,艺术公馆接待了来自逾10个国家的近50位艺术家,来自中国各地的艺术家与国际艺术家之间了建立了深厚的友谊。     艺术家驻留期间所创作的精良作品,将由艺术公馆负责对外发布及推广,我们奉行专业创造价值,真诚建立信任,服务提升品质的价值观,追求对艺术家作品的高质呈现,力求为每一位客户留下难忘的印象。

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
B22, SoFun Land, Tangxing Rd, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.PRC 86-0755-8600 8690 [email protected]
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
B22, SoFun Land, Tangxing Rd, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.PRC 86-0755-8600 8690 [email protected]
中国深圳市南山区塘兴路集悦城B区22栋 86-0755-8600 8690 [email protected]
Place Phone: 
+86 (755) 8600 8690

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