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Vista touch international trading

we are  one of the leading companies in the field of international trade in China, we are presented for each businessmen who want to visit China for the purpose of the visit or work we offer multiple services high quality and prices very encouraging, and numerous services as follows:

Provide any product from China and send prices offers the possibility of manufacturing factory price of a product, according to the required specifications reception merchants and businessmen and
how wishing to visit China
and the work of all the necessary arrangements to provide competent interpreters with expertise in markets and products of quality and price rival commercial mediation between companies and factories and Chinese companies to provide easier safe solutions to various shipping and competitive prices through shipping companies are guaranteed

We UAE national institution %100


China is the largest exporting markets for products in the world and therefore it is accepted by most wanting to import to the multiplicity of industries and products that meet the needs of importers in all products at prices Bruce as wishful thinking the buyer (of car parts. come. furniture. Laptop accessory. Electrical devices office furniture,home furnishings,etc. import from China needs to contact China factories and companies in China and access to the products of China and best shipping offices . We'll help you through our experiences in international markets.

We implement all the services of import from China, the beginning of the search for a product from MOE or any factory , to carry out the necessary negotiations with Chinese factories and then to open the necessary appropriations A import from China, until the arrival of cargo, to your country and to make all the necessary procedures for customs clearance and transportation to the warehouses of the author

We are working on customer took peace of the beginning of providing transportation to and from the airport book hotels and translators and pooling of goods warehouses, packaging and transfer to the port of shipment and the termination of all procedures and extracting all documents and certificates for shipment.

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
我们是在中国国际贸易领域的领先企业之一,我们都谁想要访问中国,我们提供多种服务的高品质和价格非常令人鼓舞,以及众多服务,访问或工作的目的,每个商人如下: 从中国提供的任何产品和发送价格提供产品的制造工厂价的可能性,根据所需规格接待商人和商人和 如何希望访问中国 和所有必要的安排,以提供合格的口译员的专业知识和市场质量和价格的公司和工厂,中国公司通过船运公司提供更简单安全的解决方案,以不同的运输和竞争力的价格与竞争对手的商事调解的产品的工作是保证 我们阿联酋国家机构100%  中国是产品在世界上最大的出口市场,因此它是由最想导入到符合进口商的所有产品的价格布鲁斯作为一厢情愿的汽车零部件买方(需求的产业和产品的多样性所接受。 Equipment.tools来。家具,笔记本电脑周边配件,电气设备办公家具,家居用品等,从中国进口需要联系中国工厂和公司在中国并获得中国的产品和最佳的航运办事处,我们会帮您完成我们在国际市场上的经验。 我们实施进口所有来自中国的服务,寻求从教育部的产品或任何工厂,开展与中国的工厂必要的谈判,然后打开所需的拨款一位来自中国的进口,直到货物到达的开始,你的国家,以及作出所有必要程序办理通关手续和运输,以笔者的仓库 我们正在努力把客户提供往返机场预订酒店和笔译和货物仓库,包装和传输装运和所有程序的终止端口汇集和提取所有文件和证书装运的开始和平。

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
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Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
China , Guangdong , Shenzhen , Fu tian , 3rd Rd , International Dianzicheng Foreign Trade Wholesale Market - 4 Floor - Gallery No. 007
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+86 (755) 82580283

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