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Harry’s Kitchen Interactive Baking Studio

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Harry’s Kitchen Introduction

Harry’s Kitchen is a Membership and Course Base Interactive Baking Studio for Kids in China.

Through the common theme of a “kitchen”, Harry’s Kitchen’s products and services aims to aspire the modern lifestyle of the metropolitan families (especially the upward-mobile young mothers and their kids) in China.

Harry’s Kitchen provides a unique combined experience of Art & Food, allowing children to learn the fundamentals of food through key senses of Taste, Smell, Touch, Color Vision.  We also facilitate the idea of Sharing and Gifting amongst Children and their immediate Family.

Our specially designed courses allow children to learn, interact and explore creativity through baking, creating personalized gifts to family members.All the same time while the mother will enjoy her coffee and shopping for unique merchandizes for their homes and kitchens.

Harry’s Kitchen offers a full in-store experience and process, with baking instructors guiding each participant along the entire course. We also play as an informal child-care center for these malls and families, while their family going onto a shopping trips in the facility.

All courses are carefully curated to allow the maximum satisfaction of the kids: from the design complexity to the easy step by step process, thus helping kids to gain confidence and independence in Doing-It-Yourself.

Our goal is to help kids and families “Create and Share” their love!


Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Shop A: No.63A, B1 Floor, Wangtee Plaza, Fuhua Sanlu, Futian District. Shop B: No. 0334, 3F, Shenguotou Guangchang, Qiaoxiang Rd., Futian Distrcit
Shop A皇庭店: 福田区福华三路皇亭广场B1层63A铺(博纳国际影城旁) Shop B深国投店: 福田区侨香路深国投广场3楼中庭0334铺
Place Phone: 
皇庭店 +86 (755) 23944430 深国店:0755-82026141

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call us: +86-186-7677-0910