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Minsk World

Situated on the shore of Sha Tau Kok, Shenzhen, Minsk World is somewhat unique, in that it is one of only two theme parks in the world to be based on a real aircraft carrier, the other being in Tianjin. The park is built around the base of Minsk, a second-generation Soviet aircraft carrier, one of the most outstanding in the history of routine aircraft carriers. Minsk was built in 1972 and was first listed as part of the Soviet Union Navy Pacific Fleet in 1978. It was retired after the Cold War and sold to Korea in 1993. In June of 1998, Minsk was purchased by the Minsk Company for the purpose of creating a military-themed tourist attraction. In the past ten years, its development has evolved, taking it from a mere theme park to a center for popular science education as well as national defense education. It is praised for being both a National Popular Science Education Base and a Guangdong Military Popular Science Education Base. Once composed of only the Minsk Aircraft Carrier, the park has expanded. Now, Minsk World is made up of two parts: the Minsk Aircraft Carrier (at sea) and Minsk Square (on land). These sections are connected by a military bridge that is 10 meters (10.9 yards) wide and 90 meters (98.5 yards) long.
The Minsk Aircraft Carrier covers an area of 30,000 square meters (7.4 acres). The well-known Soviet MiG-23 aircraft-fighter and Mi-24 military helicopters are on display on the first deck, while on the second deck, the crew's living area has been rebuilt to give visitors a glimpse of the conditions of naval life. There are also exhibitions on space flight, sailing and aviation, and visitors can take part in activities, such as mimic warfare, that allow them to experience the excitement of operating hi-tech military weapons. Russian traditional performances and martial performances of the honor guard round out the list of attractions available on the ship.
Back on land, Minsk Square also offers a variety of entertainment for visitors, from historical re-enactments to shopping and dining. The Square encompasses 80, 0000 square kilometers (19.8 acres) and is divided into three sections: the Back Square, the Front Square and the Aircraft Carrier Center. When entering the Front Square, visitors are greeted by the sight of the guard of honor, flanked by sentries on both sides. This Square features a sculpture called 'Turn Swords into Ploughs' which calls for deep thought about the hard-earned peace. While the Back Square emphasizes military entertainment, featuring a soul stirring naval battle simulation that is not to be missed. The tank position and air base are also located there. The third section of Minsk Square is the Aircraft Carrier Center, a multi-functional building with a distinctive architectural style. Here, guests can do some shopping and have a relaxing dinner to complete their visit.
An important tourist attraction on 'Golden Beach', Minsk World combines a stunning landscape and a distinctly military atmosphere. While this may seem like an odd juxtaposition, it provides a strangely enjoyable opportunity to explore military life and history. Together with Sea World, Dameisha Beach Park and Xiaomeisha Resort, Minsk World is an integral component of the beautiful scenery of the eastern beach of Shenzhen City.

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
中信明思克航母世界坐落在深圳市沙头角海滨,毗邻闻名遐迩的中英街,是目前中国乃至世界上第一座以航空母舰为主体的军事主题公园,被授予“全国科普教育基 地”及“广东军事科普教育基地”等荣誉称号。中信明思克航母世界以前苏联退役航空母舰“明思克”号为主体兴建而成,集旅游观光、科普教育、国防教育于一 体,将按照“体验航母、亲近海洋、欢乐军港”的主题思想,打造一个全新体验式的军事主题乐园。   公园由海上的明思克号航空母舰和陆上的中信明思克广场两部分组成。海上的航空母舰首期向公众开放近3万平方米的观光游览区域,航母上原有的武器系统、 作战指挥系统、鱼雷发射舱、导弹发射系统以及官兵生活区等均整修一新,赫然在目;“世界航母展、前苏联勋章军服展”及飞行甲板上米格-23歼击机、米 -24武装直升机、强-5战机组成的强大航空兵团等的展示气势恢宏、别具一格;可参与的军事娱乐项目如作战指挥中心、时空穿梭机、航母电影等,依托现代高 科技,充分运用声、光、电等手段,新奇刺激,丰富多彩;充满异国风情的俄罗斯歌舞表演异彩纷呈;飞行甲板上威武雄壮的仪仗队表演也引人入胜。   陆上的中信明思克广场由前广场、后广场和航母中心大厦构成,面积达8万多平方米。进入园区前广场,肃然整齐的仪仗队表演迎面而来,哨所分立通道两侧, 和平广场上“铸剑为犁”的主体雕塑引人深思。后广场有炮兵阵地、坦克阵地、航空兵、地空导弹基地及战地剧场等项目,侧重于军事娱乐、兵器展示、表演和海滨 休闲,海上的海战模拟惊心动魄。近2万平方米的航母中心大厦设计风格独特,兼具餐饮、购物、办公、休闲等多种功能。整个广场把浓郁的南国海滨风情和军事氛 围有机地结合起来。   中信明思克航母世界作为深圳东部沿海“黄金海岸”的重要旅游景点,与大梅沙海滨公园、小梅沙度假村、海洋世界等一起构成东部海滨一条亮丽的风景线。同 时,它以鲜明、独特而丰富的军事文化内涵,在众多的主题公园中独树一帜,成为深圳又一新的旅游热点。       质量/环境方针:服务永远,缔造完美,改善环境,持续发展。      其含义是:      服务永远:公司应以质量为重,质量是我们生存的根本。      缔造完美:最大可能的提供最完美的服务,让我们的工作做到尽善尽美。      改善环境:遵守国家法律法规,保护景区环境是我们必须做到的本职工作。      持续发展:不断的改进我们的服务和景区环境,从而让公司能够持续的发展壮大。

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