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Dongchong Beach


Beaches with blues and salts of the sea possess the capability to drain all tiredness and fatigue of life. Nestled in the eastern most part of Shenzhen is the place of party and trend. The Dongchong Beach spreads over an area of 24 square kilometers. The Qiniang or the Seven Ladies Mountains provides backbone to the beach. The view turns to be all the more beautiful with the ranges of hills. This mountain range traverses from the Dongchong beach to the Xichong beach on the west of People’s Republic of China.

Activities: Surfing, Sailing, Diving, Swimming, Camping, Fishing, Boat Rides

Ticket info: RMB 10/person; RMB 10 for taking shower/person; 


1) Bus

No Bus can reach to Dongchong directly. You take bus 360 to Nan’ao Hotel to connect with minibus 989 to Xichong. The minibus runs from Nan’ao Hotel to Xichong from 6 5 p.m. The whole trip takes about two hours. But better to take a taxi from Nan'ao to Dongchong. It takes around 30mins from Xichong to Dongchong by bus.

2) Self-drive

Luosha Road (through Wutongshan Tunnel, 10-yuan toll; or a toll-free winding road around Wutong Mountain) -Yanba Expressway - Kuichong Exit (10-yuan toll) - Pingxi Road - Nan'ao Township - Nanxi Road

3) Taxi

Taxis are metered and come in 3 different taxis. Red taxis and Eco Taxis may travel anywhere; Green Taxis are restricted to outside the SEZ.

Red Taxi Fares: 

Flag fall: 10rmb for first 2500 meters | Fuel Surcharge: 3rmb | Night-driving taxi fare: 16rmb for the first 3 kilometers during 23:00-6:00

  • Green Taxi Fares: 
  • Flag fall: 6rmb/1.5kilometers | Travel Rate: 1.6rmb | Fuel Surcharge: 2rmb Night-driving taxi fare:7rmb (23:00-6:00)
  • Eco Taxis (BYD electric car): 
  • Flag fall: 10rmb for first 2500 meters | Travel Rate: 1.6rmb Fuel Surcharge: 2rmb Night-driving taxi fare: 16rmb (23:00-6:00)
  • [Bus & Weather in Shenzhen] Shenzhen Bus | Shenzhen Weather

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Nanao Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Place Phone: 
+86 755

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Best area in Shenzhen

Best area in Shenzhen district. Secluded and tranquil. Take it from someone who knows beauty. Let the good times roll.......


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