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Children's World (Huaqiangbei)

There are 2 Children's World shopping malls in Shenzhen: Children's World (Huaqiangbei) & Children's World (Nanshan).

Children's World is the first children's series of exclusive merchandise, and shopping, entertainment, science, shows, competitions and food and beverage service as a whole, a new mode of operation of large-scale theme malls.

 Children's World is located in the downtown of Shenzhen Huaqiang North Commercial Street, was founded in July 1999, the first invested 800 million yuan, the operating area of 6,000 square meters.

 The beginning of creation, the world is loud children raised from birth to growth to accompany the implementation of child care services throughout the business philosophy, and its rich product content and advanced services, a warm shopping environment and good in every possible way of management services, has won customer praise.

Today's Children's World, Shenzhen has become a household name Excellent excellent public commercial brands.

With the rapid social and economic development, children the world has entered a stage of development chain.

 With international standards, creating international brands, is the goal of further development of the world's children, in order to achieve this goal, the children's world are increasing the scale of investment, optimize business model, updated business philosophy, to improve operational quality, and strive through continuous exploration and reforms self-improvement, to meet market demand.

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
       深圳市儿童世界是深圳首家专营儿童系列商品,并集购物、娱乐、科普、表演、竞赛和餐饮服务为一体,采用全新模式经营的大型主题商场。          儿童世界位于深圳最繁华的华强北商业街,创建于 1999 年 7 月,首期投资 800 万元,经营面积 6000 平方米。创建伊始,儿童世界就响亮的提出了陪伴孩子从出生到成长实行全程关心服务的经营理念,并以其丰富的商品内涵,先进的服务设施,温馨的购物环境、周 到备至的管理服务,赢得了顾客的赞誉。     今天的儿童世界,已成为深圳市民家喻户晓的优秀卓越的商业品牌。    随着社会经济的快速发展,儿童世界已经进入了连锁经营的发展阶段。与国际接轨,创国际品牌,是儿童世界进一步发展的目标,为了实现这一目标,儿童世界正在 加大投资规模,优化经营模式,更新经营理念,提升经营档次,力求通过不断的探索和改革来实现自我完善,以适应市场发展的需求。         儿童世界南山分店位于深圳市南山区南油大道青春家园一二层,地处南山文化商业中心的核心位置,毗邻南油文化广场、南山书城、步行街、海雅百货、创景名店、友 谊城、国美电器、新一佳等完备商业配套。周边拥有众多的住宅花园、学校、幼儿园,行人如织,是南山南业投资、经商的黄金地段。

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
The 1st and 2nd floor, Qingchun Jiayuan, Nanyou Avenue, Nanshan District
Place Phone: 
+86 (755) 8326 9563

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