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New York Pizza Delivery (NYPD) CBD Store

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Average: 3.3 (33 votes)

Since 2007, NYPD Pizza has been dedicated to providing delicious high quality pizza and other tasty and nutritious menu items to our customers. We select only the freshest ingredients for our toppings, and the crust is made from our own freshly recipe, that is hand tossed, thus it brings a unique flavor to our customers. At present our shop supplies more than 20 different tastes of pizza, and also pasta, sandwiches, snacks, etc, are served to the customers every day. our food gets widely praised among foreigners and Chinese. NYPD Pizza participated in the Chinese Pizza Champions Challenging Contest in 2008, and won the first and second place, thus became the first brand in China to participate in the International Pizza Competition in the USA. Our food has also received the honorary title of "HongKong's First " in Hongkong International Exhibition center In 2011. 


Opening hours: 10:30-22:00


Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
FL-1015 Store, Central Walk, FuHua 1 Rd., Futian Dist

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
纽约比萨 中心城店
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
FL1015, 3 Central Walk, Fuhua Yi Lu, Shenzhen (Metro-Convention and Exhibition Centre station on Line 1 exit B)
Place Phone: 
Tel: 0755 88876973 (Chinese) / 13798471160 (English)

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Pizza has existed then and

Pizza has existed then and has been spreading its improved taste until now. If a spending bill launched in Congress on Monday passes, suggested modifications to school lunch programs would be obstructed. School lunches are presently regulated by the USDA. However, rules permit French fries and pizza to be counted as vegetables. School lunch programs are getting so expensive though that it could cost installment loans to pay for it without government help.

Great Napoletana pizza, and

Great Napoletana pizza, and fast delivery.

hi chris, thank you for ur


hi chris,

thank you for ur patron and support. fyi, NYPD Pizza will be opening in Hong Kong next week. the address is 15 Finnie Street, Quarry Bay , Hong Kong.  (Quarry Bay Station on the MTR exit B then turn left)

btw, we don't have buffalo wings on the menu. it's call Hot Wings :) cheers

NYPD Pizza definitely doesn't


NYPD Pizza definitely doesn't deserve only 2.7 stars.  I also have pretty high standards for pizza (as a college student in Boston, you practically become connoisseur, haha), and NYPD is the definition of solid.  Let me put it this way - if this restaurant was in the States, I doubt it'd be my first choice, but if someone else ordered it I'd in no way complain.  Best pizza I've had in Asia - Hong Kong inclusive.


If you're getting nostalgic for Pizza, or want to show a Chinese person what real pizza's like, NYPD's your best bet.  Go for the BBQ Chicken - it's their best, IMO.

Bad news however - the "Buffalo Wings" are a joke, as they are in all American restaurants in Asia.  I honestly don't see why it's so hard -  buffalo sauce is like the simplest thing ever.  

First let me say I am a 4th


First let me say I am a 4th generation NYC person so my rating maybe a bit tougher as I can compare a lifetime of eating the real deal.

I tried NYPD Pizza today and would have to say it is as close to real NYC pizza that I have had outside of NYC. The sauce and cheese would place the taste in NYC. The dough was slightly better than pizza hut crust. This failing would likely be the water used to make the dough. Real NYC calzone would have a ricotta/mozzarella filling with no sauce. NYPD used sauce and mozzarella which really did not appeal to me. Also the dough was a bit too thick for a calzone.

Pizza Hut and Papa Johns have now been officially booted for future pizza options in my house. We definitely will be ordering again.
call us: +86-186-7677-0910