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Vienna Cafe @ Crowne Plaza Hotel & Suites Landmark Shenzhen

Vienna Cafe @ Crowne Plaza Hotel & Suites Landmark Shenzhen

Crowne Plaza Hotel & Suites Landmark Shenzhen successfully hosted the official opening ceremony for its latest dining venue - Vienna Café on 26 May 2011.  The event took place from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with an approximate total attendence of 80 invited guests including Austrian Consul, top corporate accounts as well as the local media.

With the first piece performed by a Mozart dressed pianist and the sunniest smile on the Sissi hostesses, it welcomed the first guests arriving at the Vienna Café.  At 4:30 p.m., the Hotel General Manager Mr. Neil Houghton gave his welcome speech and thanks to all guests for their attendence, and the Austrian Consul also made his speech with congratualations to the opening of Vienna Café.  Later, the ribbon cutting ceremony was carried out, and the door of Vienna Café was then officially opened.

“For centuries the Café used to be the most favourite place for all the sophisticated people to gather. Their regular visitors ranging from famous musicians, politicians, poets and painters.  With professional instructions and consultation rendered by the Austrian bakery master.  Our Vienna Café offers a full array of traditional Austrian cakes and pastries on top of a series of coffee specialties, which will cater for individual preferences of all guests with a truly authentic Viennese Café experience. We are not only making the best Viennese cakes and coffees in town, but also showcasing a long and rich Viennese coffee house culture to the locals”, said Mr. Thomas Maier, who comes form Vienna, Austria and is the Director of Food and Beverage of the hotel.

Vienna Café features original Austrian cakes and pastries as well as the traditional Viennese coffees of more than 30 cake varieties and 14 coffee selections.  Guests will also find the trandtional menu of Johann Strauss’s and Mozart’s favouite dishes in Vienna Café.

You now have the opportunity to experience traditional Viennese coffee culture in Luohu at Vienna Café to eat in or take away.

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
深圳富苑皇冠假日套房酒店于2011年5月26日为其全新的餐饮亮点——维也纳咖啡,成功举办了盛大的开幕仪式。活动从下午四点进行至晚上七点,被邀请宾客包括奥地利商务领事,酒店高端客户以及各主流媒体等80余人参加。 伴随莫扎特装扮的钢琴师悠扬演绎的第一支钢琴曲和茜茜公主迎宾们脸上洋溢着的灿烂笑容,维也纳咖啡迎来了第一批客人。下午四点三十分,酒店总经理聂霍顿先生向所有出席宾客致以欢迎词,同时,应邀出席的奥地利商务领事也为维也纳咖啡的开业送上了祝贺辞。剪裁仪式随后进行,维也纳咖啡正式开业。 来自奥地利维也纳的酒店餐饮部总监汤沫维先生说:“几个世纪以来,史上知名的音乐大师、政客、诗人、画家都钟爱维也纳咖啡并流连于奥地利各大咖啡厅。在奥地利糕点大师亲自莅临酒店,并给予专业的顾问及指导下,我们的维也纳咖啡一方面为客人提供品种繁多的奥地利传统蛋糕、点心及各类特色咖啡;同时另一方面,它也将是一个可令他们真实体验维也纳的不二之处。我们不仅只是烘培城中最好的奥地利蛋糕,更是在演绎一种历史悠久的维也纳咖啡厅文化。” 维也纳咖啡不仅供应30款维也纳纯正蛋糕以及14种传统咖啡,更有约翰斯特劳斯和莫扎特钟爱的传统菜式供应。 现在您将有机会在位于罗湖区的维也纳咖啡体验传统的维也纳咖啡厅文化,或在店内小坐休憩,悠然享用,又或将之感受带回家细细品味。

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No.3018, Nanhu Road, Shenzhen 518001 P.R China
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+86 (755) 8217 2288 -561

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