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Founded in Shenzhen China, Jiahua is an unique bilingual training centre that offer the best English and Mandarin training service to students from different walks of life.

Jiahua believes in its efficient methodology, professional teachers team, excellent teaching quality and comfortable study environment. Students from over 40 countries around the world have joined us in studying Mandarin and experiencing Chinese culture. What they learnt have helped them practically with their everyday life. 

From the first day we opened, we have been working on the most efficient way for different learners around the world to study Mandarin, and we believe it is a science matter on teaching as well.

Language is a skill, much like swimming or driving, it requires practicing and exercising repeatedly. We understand this theory and we have been trying to apply that in our teaching.

Jiahua Mandarin courses are designed on gradual difficulties, and with the help of multi-media technology as well as interesting extracurricular activities, our students are given opportunities to improve their speaking skills in various occasions.

Once your class is over, there is no need to rush off. Stick around and hangout in our lounge. Practice your second language with native speakers of that language. Our Chinese and English students can hang out together, drink free coffee, watch movies, and play games together. Stay, and practice what you have learned!

Jiahua will open the door for you to study Mandarin in a fun and useful way. Welcome to Jiahua!


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+86 (0755) 2396 0365

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Futian School: The Modern International. Suite 3106. Futian CBD, Huizhan Zhongxin metro station Exit E Nanshan School: Unit 2207, 22nd Floor, Block C, Tiley Fame City, Haide third Blvd, Nanshan District
福田中心:福田区福华路 – 现代国际大厦3106 (会展中心站E出口) 南山中心:南山区海德三道天利名城C座22层
Place Phone: 
+86 (0755) 2396 0365

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We should try to learn more


We should try to learn more languages as we learn because it gives confidence to talk to anyone of language. Examcollection ccD-410 There are many resources for learning languages and is the most reliable resource because you can take classes without going anywhere and yes, it is also very cheap source.


According to my persnal views


According to my persnal views learning different languages is not bad. I think we should learn as much as we can.


We should try to learn more


We should try to learn more languages as we can learn because it gives you confidence to speak with any language person. There are many resources to learn languages and the most reliable resource is because you can take classes without going anywhere and yes it is also very cheap source.

Unfortunately, based on


Unfortunately, based on personal experience, this school cannot pay it's employees on time. Attempts to ask why are viewed as insulting. Their curriculum is nothing more than copied from websites and used as their own. I don't recommend this school.

Courses are offered in


Courses are offered in three-month quarterly terms throughout the year. This system enables international students to engage in intensive language study during their summer breaks and within single semesters. The MTC sponsors travel, hosts speech contests, and stages workshops and performances. Thanks. Regards, Learn Chinese

charges please.

charges please.

call us: +86-755-3396-6071