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Creative Home-Yi Tian Holiday Plaza

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Creative Home based on Yi Tian Holiday Plaza,  we create product that represents a combination of culture, design and art. Our casual, culturally meaningful designs reflect the modern lifestyles of the many people, places and households we visit throughout the world each year. Our goal at Creative Home is to develop a breadth of product that introduces quality, style and trend to our customers-designs that create a desire for all people to make their home a unique expression of themselves.

Our head office in Shenzhen:
Floor 5~6, Guanghua Building, Tairan Manufacturing District, Tanran 8 Rd, Chegongmiao, Futian District

We have 3 Stores in Shenzhen:
1. Creative Home-Art Exhibition Center
2. Creative Home-Yitian Holiday Plaza
3. Creative Home-Nanshan

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
Creative Home 为您呈现多国文化,设计艺术完美结合的产品;我们美式休闲风格以及富含文化意义的设计展现了我们设计师每年走访世界各地不同地方,不同家庭以及不同人群的生活方式。Creative Home的目标是为客户提供能表现质量, 风格以及流行趋势的产品设计,让所有人相信家居装饰是每个人独特风格的体现。

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
B2-30 Booth, Yitian Holiday Plaza,No.9028, Shennan Road
Place Phone: 
+86 (755) 8629 8352

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call us: +86-186-7677-0910