The Snake Pit (Shekou Sports and Social Club)

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The Snake Pit (Shekou Sports and Social Club and Pub)

The Snake Pit is the longest established expatriate bar in China, founded in Shekou 1987,over 25 years ago, when it was just a small fishing village. Our mission is joining expats together for over 25 years in the spirit of camaraderie through sports and entertainment.

The Snake Pit is now in the center of Shekou, with easy access to the Metro. The Pit is known as The Shekou Sports and Social Club which is now more family orientated and is the home to many clubs and organizations such as The Shekou Hash House Harriers, Snake Pit Sitting Hash, Shekou Rugby Club, and The Chubby Riders, just to name a few. The Club also raises donations by holding charity events to help local orphanages, schools and hospitals. It is from the wild beginnings of those most hardened, tough, weather-beaten engineers and their wild ways 25 years ago to what it is today – a pillar of the local community, having a membership of over 5,000 from 52 different countries. So come check out where it all began, Welcome!


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The Snake Pit - A Club with History


Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
The Snake Pit (Shekou Sports and Social Club)
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Shop NO.20 Rose Garden2, Shekou
Snake Pit 南海玫瑰花园二期20号商铺
Place Phone: 
+86 18688825251

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Hi, Tyler. Sorry about your


Hi, Tyler. Sorry about your Fapiao problem. What was the girls name that sayed she is the manager? The Snake Pit has no female managers since 2013... We have Fapiaos at The Snake Pit and if you remember the amount of your bill from April we can give you the Fapiaos for that amount. 

Sorry for the late reply.. This page has not been monitored for a while.. If you wish to talk to some one about this then please call this number: 13048973180

Best regards

Stay Away For any foreigners


Stay Away

For any foreigners who need their Fapiao for tax credits, stay away from the Snake Pit! I went there on Apr 4 and at the end of the night when I paid my bill and asked for Fapiao, the waiter said no. When I spoke with the manager she laughed at me and said they wont give fapiao. Specifically she said she asked the owner three times to buy fapiao and he refused. It is the 4th day of the month - if they don't have fapiao then, it means they never bought it. This amounts to theft from customers like myself who need the fapiao. I will never go back. Just a heads up to other foreigners who may use fapiao. I am going to speak with the tax bureau about this, too.

A great bar with history!


A great bar with history! come to check it out!
call us: +86-755-3396-6071