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Photo Review: Haigui (Overseas Returnees) Summer Ball Party

Event Date: 
Jul 26 2014

‘The Night with Oscar’, the annual Haigui(overseas returnees) summer ball hosted by ‘’, concluded successfully on 26th July at Shenzhen Hilton Nanhai Hotel. The event attracted a record-breaking number of over 1000 guests from all over the nation. This was the largest Haigui summer ball, by both the number of guests and the area of ball room, ‘’ have ever planned.


The Red Carpet is definitely one of the sparkles throughout the summer ball. The 150 meter long carpet was specially designed and produced for this ball. Tens of cameramen stood along both sides of the carpet and provided the elegant features of Oscars to all valued guests. The effect was fabulous and people were delighted by this ball as soon as they stepped out of their cars at the entrance. ‘’ had also built six 3D movie backgrounds in the outdoor area of the events for guests to take some photos, included movies like 007, Avengers, Twilights, King Kong, etc. A 3 meter tall gold Oscars Statue was placed on the stage to emphasize the theme of this summer ball. According to ‘’, the reason they had invested so much on these theme setups is to fulfill a lot of people’s dream to become a movie star, giving them the experience to being like super stars.


The summer ball was pushed to the acme in the final hour. Enthusiasm was outburst and people were dancing passionately in the wonderful Saturday evening. According to the staff of ‘’, ball events like ‘the Night with Oscars’ are held twice a year, one in the summer and one in the New Year Eve or Christmas. 

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Let's review the photos of Haigui (Overseas Returnees) Summer Ball Party.


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