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[Photo Gallery] Dapeng Fortress

Event Date: 
Dec 26 2014

Dapeng Fortress is located in the middle of Dapeng Peninsula in east Shenzhen. First built in the 27th year of Hongwu reign of the Ming dynasty (1394), it has a history of over 600 years. When it was set up in the Ming dynasty to resist Japanese pirates, its full name was the Dapeng Fortress of 1,000 Households, and it had played an important role in China's fight against Japanese pirates and British colonial invaders in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Standing 6 meters tall and extending 1,200 meters, the Fortress covers an area of about 100,000 sq meters, and its walls are of granite and bluestone bricks. Dapeng Fortress is so important that Shenzhen is now also known as " Pengcheng (literally the city of roc)". 

Place Name: 
Dapeng Fortress

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