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Manu Avemegan

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Nanshan District
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Sales &Marketing Manager
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I ‘m interested of performing my professional talents in a moving and exciting international environment as yours. I have had meaningful experiences in several areas such as: teaching, communication management….The skills I have acquired in team work experience, organization and work include: Excellent communication skills; as I do have an innate ability towards empathy. Am a bilingual with French as native language and English as second language. I speak, write and understand both of them fluently because my parents are bilingual... Including an impeccable accent for languages that I speak; I do have a real talent in learning. I have yet to acquire an international experience in an inter-cultural challenge environment as I hope to improve such personal skills as greater adaptability, cross-cultural communication, problem-solving and also to develop new professional skills and competencies. I sincerely believe that I will successfully contribute efficiency and efficacy in any activities and any tasks I will be involved in. About myself, without crossing the limits between bragging and excessive modesty, I could say that I have good means of communication , team-leading skills, pro-active and convincing attitude. These qualities, combined with my flexibility and self- motivation should help me contribute to the accomplishment of your school objectives. By nature jovial, fun, trustworthy, creative and a good shoulder to cry on.

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