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Erika E Elliott

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Outside of China
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Interior Design
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United States
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Am a down to earth, intelligent and caring lady with an excellent sense of humor,i am a very fair and level headed person who believes strongly in open and honest communication, and I am a very compassionate and caring person, who believes in helping others. My faith is very strong within and will always be there for my family and friends.

I'm a very different person and have a deep,passionate soul with an open heart and mind.I Do not set restrictions or limits on this life. Creative, artistic and knowledge driven. I strive to constantly create experiences in my life that allow me to grow and help others around me. Educated,well traveled, enlightened with a twisted sense of humor. I consider myself a realistic optimist with an evolving spiritual awareness.

I know how to treat others very well and i'm blessed with a good heart. I also have a quick wit and great sense of humor. If I fall for someone, there's very little I won't do for them.I try to make the best of things, even if they are not so great. Also, I'm a great listener. I know what I want out of life

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