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The First Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale Competition


1. Organizing Team

Organizer: Shenzhen OCT LOFT Culture Development Co., Ltd.
Curators: He Jinfang, Wang Chunchen, Zhang Xiaotao (also the Secretary-General for the Competition)

2. Significances

1) To encourage creating independent, original and experimental animation works, so as to provide a larger space for the existence, development and discussion of independent animation.

2) To promote the academic and folk animation experiments and creations, especially to discover animated works by creative young artists, producing a promising prospect for Chinese independent animation.

3) To strengthen the international exchanges, bringing along the outstanding animated works from abroad, and introducing Chinese independent animation to the international cultural stage.

4) To become a just, free, independent and important platform for the exchanging of animation art.

3. Time for Entries Submission November 30th, 2012 – April 10th, 2013.

4. Objective Contestants and Entry Requirement

1) Citizens from Asian countries and regions or the Ethnic Asians, who are under 40, are qualified to participate in the name of companies, groups or individuals (including animation majors in Asian colleges and teams or

individuals from folk animation companies).

2) The entry works should be newly created during 2010 to 2013. Each individual or team submits one work. Both short films and feature films are accepted.

3) The copyrights of the entry works must be reserved by the participants. (Copyrights of the background music should be always considered. Any disputes caused by the copyrights of the images, sounds and music in the animations shall be assumed by the authors with full legal responsibility.)

4) Any animated works which have been engaged in The First Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale are not allowed to compete in this competition.

5) All independent animation works must be original with ideological significances, and unique animation language. Any commercial animations are not accepted.

6) The format of the entry works (original materials) should be transformed as Digital Batacam, DVD, .AVI or .MPG. Four HD digital screenshots or stills should be handed in. (The photos should be burned onto a disc with detailed introduction in English.)

7) The descriptions of the works should be based on the Entry Form (See attachment). English subtitles and digital editions of the works’ introductions including contents briefing, characters designing and background setting in English or Chinese are required.

5. Selection Procedure and Awards Setting

The procedure for all entry works includes three stages: preliminary judgment, second round judgment and final appraisal.

Preliminary judgment: Each entry works will be assessed by the committee jury, and 50% of the entire will be selected into the next round. 

Re-appraisal: After assessed by the jury, 20% of the selected works will be exhibited in The First Shenzhen Independent Animation ·Competition, among which the nominated works will be selected.

Final Appraisal: “The Independent Animation Innovation Award” (for 3 works), “New Prominent Director Award” (for 1 work) and “Independent Animation Committee Grand Award” (for 1 work); and the “Audience Favorite Independent Animation Award” will be determined by the voting from the audiences.

The awarded works and works on finalist will be showed and exhibited on various professional media, and may be provided with opportunities of being recommended to participate in renowned animation or independent film festivals in home and abroad, to cooperate with important institutions, companies and art museum foundations, to participate in the tour lectures and academic reports in CAFA and other colleges with animation majors, and to take part in the exchange programs of international film festivals and biennales.

6. The Jury

Wang Huangsheng (Curator of CAFA Art Museum)

Miao Xiaochun (Dean of Department of Photography Art in CAFA)

Wang Chunchen (curator in CAFA Art Museum, Doctor)

Cecilia Freschini (curator in Lab-Yit)

Li Yang (Internationally-renowned director)

Zhang XIaotao (Dean of New Media Art Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Associate Professor)

Wang Liuyi (Secretary-General of Asian Animation Association)

Kawaguchi Yoichiro (Professor of New Media in The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Kim Sung Zoo (Founder and Chairman of Animpact Animation Festival, Korea) Total nine judges for the preliminary, re- and final appraisals 

7. Contact Information and Time Schedule

1) Mailing Address: Academic Department of CAFA Art Museum, #8 Huajiadi, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.

Postcode: 100102
Contact: Ms. Cao Wenqian 15101160771 Email: [email protected]

2) Time for Entries Submission: November 30th, 2012 – April 10th, 2013 Time for Selection and Judgment: Late April, 2013
Time for Exhibiting: May, 2013 – July, 2013 

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