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First Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale “The World of Soul: As Virtual Artistic Engineering”

Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale

The First Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale “The World of Soul: As Virtual Artistic Engineering”, organized by Shenzhen OCT-LOFT, will be exhibited on December 22nd, 2012 in  B10 art space of OCT-LOFT, Shenzhen, China. And it will continue to March 22nd of next year. A curatorial team formed by Wang Chunchen, Zhang Xiaotao and He Jinfang invites more than 50 domestic and oversea artists to participate in. They aim to retrospect the development course of Chinese independent animation art in the last decade, as well as to bring along more international works and views. As the first biennale in China themed on independent animation, this exhibition must be an uncommon visual feast for its audiences, and it would also open a new age in contemporary art for independent animation.


Instead of general commercial animated blockbusters, this exhibition emphasizes those low-budget or independently-produced artistic animations, namely being the experimental animation works created with artistic concept and by individual artists or artist groups. Being a new art form that expresses individual imaginations and ideas, independent animation differs itself from other animation forms, such as commercial catoon, applied animation and etc., with its internal independence and new artistic perspectives. During last ten years, there appeared to be quite a few of such artistic creation in China. By watching and reading them, audiences would realize the individual value in China which is exactly the intellectual treasure of individuals outside the large-scale marketization.


Through independent animation exhibition, seminar and artist workshops, this Biennale intends to research and evaluate the art media form from the perspective of contemporary art development and to focuses on academic ambition, social responsibility and new philosophy of art. What it expects to produce is a long-term effect on culture and society. Actually, a decade is not a short period. Those precious independent animations which have already been tested by time are worthy of our concerning, studying and discussing.


A competition of independent animation will be launched during the Biennale to encourage the creation of independent, original and experimental animations, especially those from the youth. The winning works are to be exhibited in the middle of 2013. More information on First Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale and the competition will be published when a before-exhibition press conference is held on November 28th, 2012 in Beijing. Welcome your continuous attention and support!


Exhibition Period: 22 December 2012 to 22 March 2013

Competition Period (including collection, selection and exhibition): December 2012 to Middle of 2013

Venue: B10, North District, OCT-LOFT

Curators: Wang Chunchen, Zhang Xiaotao and He Jinfang

Organizer: Shenzhen OCT LOFT Culture Development Co., Ltd

Official Weibo (Sina): @深圳独立动画双年展

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