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Introduction of B10 Live

B10 Live(B10现场)

Introduction of B10 Live


The old school team (C:Union) is coming back. The name of the new venue is B10 Live. It will be the best live music house in the town. You can listen to and feel a fusion of several different styles of music. Up to now (C:Union) has organized the OCT-LOFT jazz festival for 2 years. And there will be many mini art exhibitions, also gathering of artists and designers and their lectures on art, etc. It will also be a good venue for culture exchanges in Shenzhen. Please remember its name – B10 Live, in OCT-LOFT.




B10 Live is in the B10 building in the north district in OCT-LOFT. Many exhibitions have been hold here regularly, including Shenzhen & Hongkong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/ Architecture and Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale, etc.


B10 Live will be opened only during events. More detailed event information will be updated in our page. Please follow us.





老派团队(C:Union) 回来了。新地方的名字是B10 Live(B10现场)。它将是一个最佳的音乐现场,有不同风格的音乐在这里发生。这里已经举办过两届的OCT-LOFT国际爵士音乐节。同时也将会举行很多微型艺术展览以及艺术家、设计师等的聚会与讲座。这里将会是深圳一个很好的文化交流场所。请大家记住它的名字——B10 Live(B10现场)。地点在OCT-LOFT。


11月24日周六晚20:30-22:00,B10 Live(B10现场)将举行第一场演出——来自古巴的著名乐队ESTUDIANTINA ENSEMBLE。他们曾参加过去年的第一届OCT-LOFT爵士音乐节。也许大家还会记得去年他们欢快热情的节奏!把好朋友都带上吧!


B10 Live(B10现场)在OCT-LOFT北区的B10栋中。许多艺术展览定期在B10栋举行,包括深港双城双年展、深圳雕塑双年展等。


B10 Live(B10现场)只有在活动的时候才会开放。活动内容与时间等详情我们将会陆续发布在网络上,敬请留意。

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About the Author
By: B10 Live
About the Author:

B10现场 B10 Live


B10 Live is a brand new music & art space in Shenzhen, organized by OCT-LOFT and curated by artist Teng Fei and independent music curator Tu Fei.
B10 Live has presented over a hundred live music performances to the audience since 24 Nov. 2012, as well as 4 years of OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival and the 2st Tomorrow Festival. More and more different types of art events will be held here in the near future.

电话 Tel:0755 86337602 (15:00-18:00)
地址 Add:深圳南山区华侨城创意文化园北区C2栋北侧
North Side of Building C2, North District of OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
交通 & 住宿 Transportation & Accommodation:

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场地 Venue:B10现场 B10 Live
主办方 Organizer:华侨城创意文化园 OCT-LOFT
灯光与舞台设备 Lighting & Stage Equipment:Club W.O.D
音响赞助 Audio Sponsor:奇譜安達 Triple Onda
声学设计与支持 Acoustic Design & Support:
声博士(香港)声学技术有限公司 Soundbox(HK) Acoustic Tech Co.,Ltd
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深圳·施坦威钢琴 STEINWAY & SONS
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Company: B10 Live
Home Country: China mainland
Location: Overseas Chinese Town (OCT)
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