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Nogogo is your one-stop online shop for imported groceries and goods , that can be ordered online from the comfort of your own home or office and delivered to your door!

We stock over 8,000 lines of imported and high quality local goods that have met stringent requirements by our purchasing team. We have a wide array or items  including  dairy products / fresh meat, poultry & seafood / fruit & vegetables / organic  products / grains , pasta  cereals & breads / soft drinks,juices,locally brewed & imported beers, wines& spirits  / snacks & treats for every age  / household products , toiletries , self care & hygiene   / restaurant food and much, much more!

Our business actually started with a craving with one of our founding members not being able to purchase the product he wanted . This situation used to be common place,so in the Winter of 2009 Nogogo was established right here in Shenzhen  .Why the name ? It’s easy to remember ! You don’t need to go, we go to you!

At Nogogo we aim to provide you with excellent customer service , high quality products, a great range and choice of products from all over the world , convenience, ease of payment terms and delivery times that suit you.

Why the name Nogogo ? It's easy to remember ! You don’t need to go, we go to you!

To order from us is easy . Just log onto our site , create an account and off you go . You can browse through our great weekly specials  , subcategory sections to choose the items you want  or search for a specific product using our search function to see if we have it available . Once you have all your items and have proceeded to Checkout , you can then choose the  delivery time that suits you best  and preferred  payment method . And yes, the best part is we accept cash ,International credit cards , Union Pay , Ali Pay  all of which you can pay online or when we deliver to your door as we have a Mobile POS Machine .

If you have any problems at all we have English speaking customer service staff that can assist you during our office hours.

Phone: 0755-26672080

Email: [email protected]

WeChat: lovenogogo

We not only deliver in Shenzhen & Guangzhou , we can deliver to you nationwide  and we are currently expanding our operations.

So why not try us now and experience the ease and convenience of shopping online with Nogogo Online Groceries , your one stop online grocery shop . 

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
乐购购是你的一站式进口食品和杂货在线商店,你可以舒服地躺在家里或者办公室选择商品下单,然后就只要等待送货上门~   目前在线商店有来自全球各地超过8000种高品质的商品出售,都是乐购购采购团队根据顾客的需求直接采购而来。我们有非常丰富的产品种类,包括奶制品、新鲜内类、新鲜水果蔬菜、海鲜产品、有机产品、谷类面粉类、面包糕点、软饮果汁、本地和进口啤酒、进口红酒洋酒、适合各年龄阶段零食、居家日用品、个人护理、餐厅美食等等,之后也产品会越来越丰富~ 我们做进口商品生意最初是因为很多外国客户很难在国内市场上买到地道的他们所喜欢的商品,这样的情况经常都会发现。因此乐购购进口商品在线商城在2009年的冬天在深圳市成立运营。为什么叫nogogo?我们只为了让所有喜爱进口商品的客户容易记得我们,你不需要自己去买,我们送过来!   乐购购存在的价值就是为您提供卓越的服务,高品质丰富的商品,便捷的支付和适合您的配送时间。使用乐购购下单非常简单,只需要登录,新申请一个个人账号,然后就可逛逛购物下单。此外,我们还提供丰富的打折和特价商品,搜索按照可以让您精确找到合适和喜爱的商品。在购物完成之后,可以选在您方便的时间段和支付方式,这样我们的配送员就会在该时间段进行配送。。最受欢迎的地方是我们接受国际信用卡,银联卡,支付宝和现金支付,真正做到为客户服务。   如果您遇到任何的问题,在工作时间上午8点-下午5点,拨打0755-26672080热线或者发送邮件到[email protected],会有英文客服来为您解决所有问题。   亲爱的客户,我们不仅仅只服务深圳,全国各地的客户朋友们都可以在线下单,我们会选择最佳配送方式送到您手里~! 还等什么呢?赶紧来体验一下乐购购吧!

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
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Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
#101, Building 2, Zhongjian Industrial Building, No.18 Yanshan Rd, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
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Good quality products,

Good quality products, fantastic service!


Wonderful! First check and

Wonderful! First check and loved it. I will definitely use this website often to reduce the daily stress. Thanks!

Great food they have!loved

Great food they have!loved the service